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  1. 2021 Agate Black Powerboost XLT Build

    So far: 20x10 ET-18 Fuel Rage D712 Wheels 33x12.50 General Grabber ATX Tires Rough Country 3” lift Turbo smart electronic BOV Roush Intake Black and Red tailgate letting inserts Factory matched front window tint Tinted headlights Blackout emblems American Flag Fender Badges Gator Bed Cover OPT7...
  2. 20x10 ET -18 on stock suspension?

    How’s it going guys. I recently picked up a set of 20x10 ET-18 wheels with 275/55/20 tires on them. Does anyone know if these will fit on a stock height or if a level kit will be needed? thanks in advance!