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  1. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Lol wow now thats some troubleshooting. My truck did this a couple times going from 4h to 2h. Thought it was just because it didn't like the dry pavement (switched on it's own going to tow mode accidentally instead of sport) but it seems like it doesnt matter. Really wish 4H wouldnt engage in...
  2. shudder/grind noise/rumble strip noise

    Was there any resolution to this issue? Mine did it when I was trying to switch to sport mode and it ended up in tow mode which engaged 4wd. Went to sport and 2h came on and it started. Pulled over to stop and went away when Istarted back driving
  3. Audio system goin in!

    That looks good. I have some rubber floor mats that came out of my trackhawk if you want to buy them. Cabin and rear
  4. Loud pop from driver side wheel well when returning wheel from full lock at low speeds

    Good. But was it from the level kit or possibly bad before the level?