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  1. My 5.0 V8 Dipstick level at a 6,000 mile oil change

    Oil sits up in the engine for a while. Factor of the auto start/stop crap.
  2. I seem to have fixed my rough aggressive shifting transmission

    I fail to see how the parking break would improve anything. Clearing the tranny tables and having a warm tranny probably was the trick. Idling your truck under 1k rpm is not ideal. Excessive idling is what gums up the timing system over time. I have noticed that once the engine reaches...
  3. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Anyone have an inclination of a cause or a possible fix? I have a list of things I need the dealer to look at while I'm on vacation and I want this to be one of them.
  4. Tremor Half Shaft Boot Failures

    https://parts.ford.com/content/dam/ford-parts/wcdocs/WarrantyDocuments/FRD23_MC_Service%20Parts%20Warranty%20Flyer%20%20FINAL.pdf Not sure why they think they aren't liable for the repair.
  5. Ford demos next gen infotainment system

    Am I the only one that looks at crap like this and think of the dollar amount it would cost to replace when it breaks because it 100% will.
  6. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    You know, i go back and forth on this. Letting it idle for a few then taking off makes sense. On the other hand, when its below 20 or 10 (dont know if its based of coolant temp or outside temp) the truck idles at 1500 and doesn't really dip below 1000 until almost 10 minutes or more. I do know...
  7. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    I put mine in eco mode. helps trim the throttle.
  8. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    I switched to the Mickey T Baja Bosses and havent looked back. Ice feels like wet pavement and wet pavement feels like dry pavement. Best AT tire in my opinion.
  9. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    Its not as bad as it sounds. Fall is honestly the worst. going from 60s in the day to 30s at night is more shocking to the system. +20 and -10 feel pretty much the same but in a sucky way.
  10. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    Thats really annoying about your battery. Seems to be a more common issue on these forums. These trucks have so many parasitic draws its crazy. Thankful my STX doesnt have too many bells and whistles. Ford and dealerships are starting to become enemies of the people lol.
  11. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    The turbos love that cool crisp air
  12. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    For those of us in the negatives or single digits, hows your truck holding up? The 5.0 is a little hesitant to start but she idles at 1500 for a quick warm up then backs down over time. Transmissions a little rough when its cold. No battery issues to report. Might do the "flood mode" to prime...
  13. 2023 5.0 - New engine at 4800 miles

    I understand your anger but unless you are going to go with a pre turbo tundra, then youll just be trading one problem for another. Id have them swap my whole block before Id switch to a 3.5 Twin turbo tundra or anything GM.
  14. Engine Block - is this normal?!

    Although its probably cosmetic, you paid a lot for that truck im guessing. take it to the dealer and see what they say.
  15. Engineering Explained: Summer / All-season / Winter tires, and FWD/RWD/AWD

    I usually like this guy's videos but basically water is wet
  16. Dealerships or is it just mine...

    Its not uncommon. Its a piss poor customer service approach. I dont go into a dealer with a warranty claim without video proof because of it. If they try to still charge you, open a case with Ford. I have noticed once corporate gets involved the bull**** stops.
  17. Drive mode: low speed stutter

    I don't switch drive modes unless I am stopped. Not sure if that is the recommended operation but its what I do. Some of the modes auto switch to 4 wheel drive.