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  1. Complete power loss when making right turn

    It’s definitely wasn’t the traction control. My truck ended up sitting at the dealership for 3 months while the techs and Ford engineers chased the problem. They found a corroded wire in one of the plugs. Kind of strange considering the truck was just over a year old at the time. Ford ended up...
  2. In the shop for over 30 days

    Very hard to explain in detail. The initial problem was when I press the start button every single warning flashes across the dash and the truck won’t start or crank. I’m not sure what it’s doing now that parts have been changed. it’s a Powerboost.
  3. In the shop for over 30 days

    Something I wish I could do, drive an old truck. Unfortunately, I need something reliable (insert 30 days in the shop joke here). I drive over 32,000 miles a year. side note: I was getting 23-26mpg in mine.
  4. In the shop for over 30 days

    My trucks been at the service department since April 4th. They changed the PCM and a Gateway Module so far. It’s still having issue so they are calling in the Ford engineers to come look at it. I’m driving a Ford Escape and paying for a F150. Seems like Ford needs to do something about this. My...
  5. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    Yeah mine too. I don’t think it’s a good thing, lol. I got worried when I found a nut that wasn’t tightened at all. It was just resting on the stud.
  6. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    Was your truck built in Dearborn?
  7. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    It is the Powerboost. I tried jump starting the truck in my driveway and that didn’t work. The dealership also tried and tested the battery, still nothing. They installed the new PCM and had it running but now it’s throwing a bunch of codes. I really do appreciate your input 👍🏼
  8. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    Voltage is 12.5 and it’s 4.79 amps. This is at rest because it won’t crank. Edit: I also unhooked the battery in case the EV battery fed into somehow.
  9. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    It’s really hard to explain. That’s why I took a video and tried posting. I’ll see if I can shorten it.
  10. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    It wouldn’t crank. Just flashed every warning. I hooked the charger to it and it didn’t give me any faults. I never checked the voltage.
  11. Update #2.. No start, every warning light

    My truck wouldn’t start this morning and just about every warning light came on. Including a flashing light next to the “P” on the gear shift lever. I have a video but it’s too large to load on here. Update: Tech said all problems pointed to a bad PCM but he doesn’t think that’s it. They have...
  12. Powerboost TSB Harsh 1-3 upshift

    Where did you get that information from? I need something to send to my dealer. I just got my truck back from them for these exact issues.
  13. Radio is awful.

    Did you get a fix for this?
  14. Radio is awful.

    I couldn't agree more with your review. very third rate system. I get pissed when it kicks me off carplay and wont let me back unless I turn the truck off and open the door to completely reset everything. Nobody wants to do that on the highway. On a side note, I'm currently driving a Nissan...
  15. Anyone put 35’s on yet?

    A 295/70R18 mounted on the stock wheel fits in the hole. No clearance issues.
  16. My Tremor: leveled, aftermarket wheels and tires

    Looks good. I didn't think the 2.5" spacer would level it.
  17. Complete power loss when making right turn

    The only common factor when it happens is making a right hand turn. Its typically when I'm half way through the turn. No weird noises, no lights, no sounds, just complete loss of engine power and RPM's. The only thing I can figure is somehow it gets stuck between EV and ICE. Or, the trans is...
  18. Complete power loss when making right turn

    I wouldn't let my experience sway your decision. I would buy another PowerBoost in a heartbeat. I just chalk it up to a new design and some bugs to work out. I don't typically buy a truck when its in its first year of model changes.