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  1. 3rd brake light staying on after 5min

    Truck has not thrown any codes. The 3rd brake light decides after 5min it's going to turn on and stay on. If I hit the lock button it goes off for a bit then comes back on. Turns off when I get close to it with the key, different lights coming on seems to turn it off Doesn't do it while driving.
  2. Easiest 12v cable install

    When I removed the factory sub it leaves a cellphone sized hole in the cab. I used this to run my 12v and had a buddy 3d print me a plug. Ran it to the passenger side over the frame with a few zip ties all the way to the battery.
  3. Getting rid of chrome on a sport package.

  4. Fender badge vinyl overlays ?

    Anyone find a source for precut wrap for the fender emblems? Can't stand chrome and Ford insist on continuing to add it to sport packages.