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  1. My new (and first) travel trailer: 2023 Forest River IBEX 23RL

    Hey everyone, Friday I brought home my first travel trailer😁😊. a 2023 Forest River IBEX 23RLDS. Still getting all the essentials together. I have lists made and i'm checking them off as i go. Looking forward to some adventures! :D few more pics
  2. OTA Update changes... you don't like?

    my last OTA update a few weeks ago, made some changes i dont like. One being they moved the digital clock display from the top center, then over to the upper right, and now all the way over to the upper left corner of the screen. which happens to be right behind where my phone mounts to the...
  3. Just received oil change warning for first time at 0% oil life

    So, yesterday out of the blue, I get the "Oil Change Required" warning light, and it's at 0% oil life. I got NO warning at all before this. I could swear that there used to be a warning at 50% and maybe 25% or something, Y/N? very irritating and stupid! Anyone else run into this?
  4. Anyone done LINE-X / Rhino Lining on their rocker panels and/or bumpers?

    has anyone done the LINE-X / Rhino Lining on their rocker panels and/or bumpers?
  5. metal Replacement for FRP tailgate "work surface"

    Hey everyone, does anyone know of a metal/aluminum replacement panel for the FRP tailgate work surface panel? I'd like to swap it out. thanks
  6. Air vent trim flag Easter egg

    Has anyone replaced or modified the American flag "Easter egg" with an aftermarket one or maybe the Raptor one? I'd love to replace or anodize mine red or blue like the one in the Raptor.
  7. No Front bumper sensors

    Does anyone know why a 2021 Lariat 502A pkg. doesn't have parking sensors in the front bumper, like the rear does? My 44k 2019 Ranger Lariat had them, But my 68k 2021 F150 Lariat does Not.... why?
  8. Backup Camera in rainy conditions

    Has anyone noticed the backup camera lens get too easily blurred by water droplets in rainy conditions? I certainly have. My previous trucks, 2019 Ranger and my 2015 F150 XLT didn't really much of an issue. Looking at the two F-150 tailgates side by side, you can see how, on the previous gen...

    is everyone getting this line item on their window sticker? I didn't ask for it, but there it is. So my question is this: On the PowerBoost, will the engine still turn on and off as needed, when using the generator, like it's supposed to?
  10. Factory Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT tires- winter

    Hey, can anyone tell me how the stock Wrangler Territory's did in the snow this past winter? thanks :)
  11. Sport Pkg. vs Sport Appearance Pkg. interior colors.

    There still seems to be a lot of confusion about Sport vs. Sport Appearance packages, when it comes to the red/brown accent color on the interior. I think a lot of people are thinking sport Appearance pkg. when they just say "sport pkg." it seems like 90% of the 21' F150's I see on the road, no...
  12. TREMOR rear tow hooks install?

    has anyone thought about finding out if the rear tow hooks on the TREMOR can be installed on other F150's ? I think it would be a cool and useful mod.