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  1. Has anyone gone to the Raptor Assault school?

    I went to that school in Park City, beautiful place and the class was so damn much fun.
  2. Buying A Used 2021 Help

    My OTA works flawless on my 21 Lariat.
  3. What do you call your truck?

    unicorn, can't get Gaurd or supercab in the Lariat anymore
  4. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    very nice ride. Love the supercab.
  5. Do you have a LARIAT SuperCAB?

    I had a 2000 Lariat supercab now I have a 21 Lariat supercab, needless to say I love em.
  6. Anyone have recommendations for vehicle transport?

    I was definitely nervous too, but they did move my car without any problems. Price was really good.
  7. Anyone have recommendations for vehicle transport?

    I recently used Dynamic Auto Movers. Everything with them went fine, Ca. to Mo. in 3 days. Check out Lauren Fix's vid How to choose an auto mover.
  8. How many miles have you squeezed out of your extended range 36 gallon tank?

    Normally I get about 630-650 out of my 21 Lariat. A couple of times I hit the 700 mark.
  9. Front bin console mat part number.

    This is from my 21 Lariat scab
  10. Types of Owners

    I look like the XL guy but I own a Lariat...weird.
  11. 82% of car buyers are paying over MSRP (CNBC)

    If you buy off the lot you should watch Kevin Hunter vids. I got my ST 10k below MSRP.
  12. order

    Go watch the you tube vids by Kevin Hunter, I stuck to his way and got 10k off my 2020 edge ST.
  13. Black Ford Emblems / Logos?

    I'm in
  14. This is insane! XL STX 2.7 4x2 $14,000 Markup

    They probably have to mark it up that much to pay for those damn ads that they run non stop on radio and TV.
  15. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    I too just saw this post and went out and checked all mine. not one fuse was seated, most were pretty loose. Thanks Roady
  16. AM/FM Stereo with SiriusXM® + 360L

    I have an ST with the B&O and my 150 has the standard, to me the difference is very slight. Yes I get it's two different cars.
  17. How much is your truck payment?

    I was going to pay cash but with 0% APR I ended up putting half down with 400.00 a month.
  18. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I got my Truxedo sentry CT (two days early) and installed it. Very easy and fast install ,looks good and I like the quality. Best part was the big discount for being a forum member.
  19. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    So I just purchased a Truxedo sentry CT from realtrucks.com. I told them I belonged to this forum and they gave me a $205.00 discount. Haven't received it yet but I'll let everyone know if it's all there and a great deal.