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  1. How much can a 2.7 Ecoboost Tow? This chart only confuses.

    Ford's towing guide shows the following towing capabilities for the 2.7 Ecoboost. However nowhere does it explain how to achieve that 10,100 lb towing rating. Usually there are footnotes stating how to achieve a specific tow rating. Does anyone know how to decipher this so that I know exactly...
  2. When can I realistically expect to get my truck?

    I have an RV arriving next month and thought I had this truck purchase timed well for it. Unfortunately Ford has other plans with it being rescheduled 5 times already. I know some of my options are associated with delays so based on my build below when can I realistically expect to receive...
  3. Ford Launches VIN Specific Calculator! See your F-150's exact payload, GVWR, GCWR, and more!

    This is game changing. Ford has published a site where you can find out specific information about a truck by entering its VIN#. RAM has had this for awhile and it is extremely useful. Now you can find a truck configured the same or similar to the one you are thinking about purchasing and see...
  4. Powerboost or 3.5L Ecoboost To Tow 7000 lb travel trailer?

    I had a Powerboost XLT on order to tow my 7000 lb travel trailer. Then I found out it had a 30.6 gallon tank, and the few videos and forum posts I found showed towing MPG to be around 8 or less, sometimes significantly less. So I switched my order to the 3.5L Ecoboost which has the 36 gallon...
  5. XLT Floor liner confusion

    Ford's build and price tool has the following 2 floor liner options: Can anyone explain the difference? Even better would be if someone could post photos of either in their truck. Thank you
  6. Passenger seat adjustments on XLT 302A?

    Ford lists the seat adjustments in the 302A package as 10-way Power Driver Seat and Multi-Adjustable Power Front Passenger Seat. Can anyone with an XLT 302A please confirm exactly what Multi-Adjustable Power Front Passenger Seat means? Specifically which adjustments are available to the...
  7. Photos of 2021 F-150 Heavy Duty Payload Package Stickers!

    Came across my first 2021 F-150 with the heavy duty payload package. It's impressive to say the least. Let's use this thread to post images of the payload, window (Monroney), and axle rating stickers.
  8. Photos of 2021 F-150 Lariat Payload Stickers!

    Thought I'd start a thread for Lariat payload stickers and update it regularly alongside the XLT thread I have going.
  9. Photos of 2021 F-150 XLT Payload Stickers!

    Now that trucks are arriving on lots I was determined to see some actual payloads. I scanned a popular car sale site (over 200 pages) looking for actual photos of trucks. 95% were placeholder images, but there were a few actual vehicles pictured. Luckily one dealer in particular had 2 XLT's...
  10. 2021 F-150 XLT 302A Medium Dark Slate Interior Tour

    I shot some video of an XLT 302A with the dark slate interior recently in Arizona at the Ford test drive event. I was very impressed with this truck!
  11. XLT payload?

    Has anyone noted payload yet on the sticker of an XLT making the rounds at the test drive events? For anyone going to these events please take photos of the payload stickers. Thank you
  12. 2021 F-150 Quick Reference Guide!