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  1. General Grabber SL - WTF

    The same tire just with an “E” rating load range
  2. 01/10/22 Build Week Club

    Ok I had a blend date of 1-10-22. I got a built email on 3-18-22. I got a call from the dealer on 3-25-22 saying it’s at the dealership. This whole time I had a eta of 4-30-22 of course after they didn’t meet there 1-30-22 eta. So I’ll attach the window sticker. As far as the ford tracker it...
  3. 01/10/22 Build Week Club

    I just got my 1-10 blend dated truck today also. It was scheduled for end of April ??
  4. 01/10/22 Build Week Club

    I had a blend date of 1-10-22 Does that mean it’s back in the queue for the elusive chips
  5. 01/10/22 Build Week Club

    Does any one know what these numbers mean
  6. 01/17/2022 Build Week Group

    Ha don’t laugh. That happened to me this past November. I ordered my tremor the first of July and showed up damage. I had to deny it. Now I’m waiting again. It is beyond frustrating.
  7. Tremor on 35's and 2" lift kit

    Any rubbing at full lock or full compression
  8. 01/03/22 Build Week

    I had a build week of 1-10-22. I had a eta of last week. I checked today I now have a eta of end of April. ?. This is my second order. My first one took 4 months to come in and it was damaged in delivery. I had to place another order on 11-4-21. Now it’s on chip hold. I’m ready to blow a gasket
  9. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Thanks. ??
  10. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    How does one contact Ford performanc?
  11. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Yes. Mine moved to 10/25
  12. Underneath pics of new Tremor on dealer lot

    I was looking under a tremor today and found this only on the driver side. It’s the piece with yellow tape on it. It’s connected to the suspension??‍♂️
  13. Tremor Mods and Accessories

    I have been looking for a leveling kit for the tremor. I heard the normal f150s won’t fit.
  14. Tremor Rake - We All See It

    Has anyone seen a leveling kit that’s made for the f150 tremor. I’ve read somewhere that someone tried to put a reg f150 leveling kit on his new tremor and he said it wouldn’t fit.
  15. F-150 is Scheduling This Week For 10/18 Production Build Week

    Hey I got a call from my dealer telling me of my build date but said I don’t have a vin yet. I thought when u get scheduled u get a vin. Am I wrong
  16. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Order date 7/3 402a w/Torsen got my build date 10/18.