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  1. Battery.....problem solved

    This is battery three Bad batteries..maybe it's the source Look close at picture
  2. yall are not going to BELIEVE ME

    this morning on way to ford to get battery checked, etc the notice that 6.8 was ready to install so i told the service manager to ignore it and i would update at home tonight well battery failed....yup and they had to replace it and do the recall for axle wiring so he comes out and say we...
  3. Finally they got us turned on a RURAL HIGH SPEED FIBER OPTIC INTERNET

    after nearly 2 years of massive fiber putting the ground in our county and all points around to get us off phone line DSL thanks to everyone digging ditches, cutting water lines and paying taxes etc they turned us on Saturday evening with the final wiring into the house right now i am on the...
  4. Yall know i support real RANCHES in Texas

    Today it was colder than a you know what so i brought along my jacket to represent one of the REAL Ranches, in Texas it just happened to land like this yes its quite warm and heavy canvas
  5. just a funny driving last night

    I was in rockwall( whole nuther story) and needed to fuel up before the 87 mile back to sanity land i stopped at a QT, truck was nose down a bit. when the pump stopped and truck read full the DTE read 587. wow not my normal 600. i get back on hwy and running 75-78, 80, with outside temps in...
  6. tech GURUS please help me understand weird sync radio pandora

    I got in truck at the john deere place pandora was already running and playing via bluetooth off phone vice the ap on the screen, when i got out of truck i carried phone with me and it was playing van morrison reminds me of you, when i shut off truck and exited when i came back out and started...
  7. Christmas in the park

    This weekend we set up put our displays and had a relaxing weekend lost of cars drive through on Friday night but not as many on Saturday and it got FREAKING COLD sat night we made our deer and santa and treees, but there were lots of blow dolls ..one was a Giant Cock with a santa hat

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TOMORROW to all YALL hope its a great day with family, food and all life brings (y) (y) (y) (y) (y)
  9. new sync weirdness

    i have phone WIFI on and bluetooth turned on as per the last year, when i approach the truck, then get in a start it will connect to phone and phone will connect to trucks hotspot wifi. perfect but last few days the truck will refuse to allow phone to connect via wifi, even if i turn wifi off...
  10. Lower panel under steering wheel -- clips and locations ?

    anyone know how many clips and locations for the trim panel under the steering wheel? i dont want to pull to hard and not be sure where the clips are thanks i need to buy a book
  11. King Ranch Saddle and leather shop sale

    https://www.krsaddleshop.com/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=231103%20Snake%20Gaiter%20Launch%20%2801HENNPCMCG1B065DNN21SDR4Y%29&_kx=k_khvbpFMPxTXTwt5MvVRepvHwx6irGJ7F_gvrEu8qT-HwT7EOlQcHW3aDu3htJ4.R3pSxy for all our KR truck owners, they have some darn nice stuff just ordered...
  12. wiring diagram for push button start / stop button

    anybody have a digital schematic of the push button start stop button, to where the harness plugs in and where the GROUND for the switch is attached to the metal work under dash thanks
  13. this little flucking guy almost bite me this morning

    i was standing on porch waiting for ms dog to come back up and go in, when i turned around there was this little turd about five feet from me coiled and striking in the air. i thought...hey dummy your only 1 foot or so long i will crush you like a bug. so i tell dog to back up and wait, i...
  14. Suzanne Somers has passed away at 76

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/actress-suzanne-somers-dead-76 i couldnt believe i had her poster for years in my room as a teenager. great lady RIP
  15. is there an update sneaking through today?

    Got in truck after it sat parked for about 45 minutes at wally world sync tried to boot, then just sat there with the map.. shut off truck and restarted and it did same thing then all the sudden it flashed something about updated and booted up as normal. but no UPDATE notice on the screen upper...
  16. maverick versus suburban

    mom and dad got creamed sideways yesterday guy in left lane stopped and motioned a guy in the middle turn lane to come ahead and cross, over the other lanes that were driving 35 mph...he either didnt see the mav, or ???? but it took a good hit to the rear and just missed messing up the C...
  17. Diabetes and wounds healing or not healing

    Not me thank goodness but my dad has diabetes, he does insulin shot everyday and his sugar is all over the place partly due to his diet and some jackwagon told him wild turkey does not mess with blood sugar anyway, he has sires on his toes they are finally afte70 plus hyperbaric treatments...
  18. found the f35

  19. why does the alarm settings change at will

    last week i had the oil changed on thursday. that evening my alarm went off and ford pass said it was intrusion so i went out, with flashlight, and all my yard lights came on as walked to the truck i clicked unlock and truck lit up all around and no people trying to get in. i opened door and...
  20. really great drive day

    did the 160 ish plus mile round trip today to my va hospital about 20 miles of 77 rest 60 to 70 truck worked great ac froze us out and it was 100F outside, we added a solar shield in the area between the sun roof and the fabric curtian..WOW what a difference. the ceramic helped ...but no were...