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  1. LED projector alignment

    I do not believe that there's an official horizontal adjustment procedure for the headlights. You might be able to "shim" them though?
  2. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    I wonder....... How common is.... But I'll defend you, because since the unlock button is so amazingly reactive, requiring the lightest of touch, if the lock button was just as efficient, folks wouldn't feel like that have to GRAB something to push the lock button?
  3. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    The inconsistency from truck to truck seems so odd. It's the same hardware (button) and software (I'd assume), yet it locks my doors quickly and reliably. Although it's definitely not a soft touch button. I have to be fairly deliberate. I too get out of the driver's door, then open the rear...
  4. Got update last night

    The Coyote wrench light is NOT a Factory Authorized Service Center option. I'm just saying. :) I'm not even dissing them, when I say that. Nor would I expect anyone employed at a dealership to have the knowledge necessary to get rid of the wrench for you. Although it is kinda sad that...
  5. Starting Engine from a Stop

    The first couple of minutes of this video shows how the variable pressure pump is designed for the Godzilla version. As stated earlier, it is analog and uses a spring pressure to switch between two pumping volumes. On the 3.5, it uses a solenoid on command from the pcm.
  6. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Can you even imagine me being mum? 🙄🤣🤣 But let's just say I reported every 3-4000 miles (oil change interval) and neither bolt has sheared. I put myself in the shoes of every other Max Tow axle owner, including those who have never sheared a bolt, or have sheared one bolt, and even those who...
  7. Starting Engine from a Stop

    Here yah go
  8. Starting Engine from a Stop

    The 3.5 Ecoboost has a variable pressure oil pump. It's controlled by an electronic solenoid that you can just see the harness/connector for if you look for it. According to Ford, if the solenoid fails, the oil pumps defaults to the high pressure position. Interestingly Ford equipped the 7.3...
  9. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Oops Yes sir. I will edit the post. Thanks! And yeah, I'm just experimenting. With the recall in place, I don't see any downside to "testing" with my fresh axles. And if the efforts to lessen the stress on the retaining bolt doesn't remedy the situation, my truck is no different than...
  10. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Got an assortment of fasteners and a couple of different anti-vibration options from McMaster-Carr today. I installed a 70 durometer washer on the passenger side, and a spring washer on the driver's side. Swapped the Dorman bolts for some anti-corrosion coated bolts. (unused Ford bolt in the...
  11. Starting Engine from a Stop

    I haven't seen the oil pressure PID in any mobile apps. I've tried them all for the last 6 years. So you have to create the PID yourself if the app allows you to. (OBDlink does) Most of the tuners have it imbedded. (I used an Ngauge for a few years) Forscan has it imbedded. HPTuners has it...
  12. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    You will see 2 black hoses going to the IWE. One IS a hose and just vents to atmosphere. The other is a wire harness. I suspect that you could just trace it back to the closest connector? I would try putting it in 4A and then unplugging it. Put it back in 2H and the grinding no more? Theory...
  13. Starting Engine from a Stop

    This is the oil pressure PID for the 2017-2022 3.5 Ecoboost (I'm not sure if Ford changed anything on the 2023) Credit goes to a forum member who went through the trouble of sniffing Forscan for the OBD traffic. I'm forever grateful to that good fella :)
  14. Starting Engine from a Stop

    I completely believe you. Online parts sites are notorious for conflicting information from one site to the next. And it's quite possible that as a part goes through its inventory lifespan, it can get new part#'s for lots of reasons. This oil pressure sensor has a lot of part # revisions on...
  15. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Indeed. But I'd still be willing to see what errors you get when Unplugging them after they are engaged. It's crazy that Ford is dealing with IWE issues after redesigning the IWE to NOT rely on vacuum. Afterall, now the PCM has total control and there's no reason for a partial engagement.
  16. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    You could be right. The No-IWE half shaft Splined surface area visible on the shaft The IWE half shaft Does NOT appear to be splined
  17. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    So the front hubs are different for an IWE delete truck? If that's so, it's a bummer
  18. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    4A shouldn't be an issue on dry pavement. It's literally designed for it. Sport Mode certainly wouldn't be a slippery surface mode. However, I wouldn't want to live with being forced to use 4A just to avoid IWE issues. I'd much rather just not have the IWE option but still decide for myself...
  19. Starting Engine from a Stop

    Why do you say that? Although the Gen14 3.5 Ecoboost is technically the Gen3 3.5 Ecoboost, it is very similar to the Gen2 3.5 Ecoboost (2017-2020) and has the same oil pressure sensor design. Are you just saying that the part# changed? Same part for 2018 3.5 Ecoboost 2021 3.5 Ecoboost...
  20. Starting Engine from a Stop

    Key off is 0 psi The oil pressure sensor on the Powerboost/Ecoboost is the same since 2017. It's not a pressure reading sensor, but rather a on/off yes/no open/close sensor set for 7psi The gauge on the dash is as fake embedded animation. And that's true for the Gen13 as well. What we have...