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  1. FordPass - Scriptable Widget (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    This is awesome! Thanks! Dont want to hijack the thread but I could never find a way to do this - does anyone know a way to create a shortcut or script for turning on and off the "explicit content" on iphone?
  2. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Love the truck but love the new avi more ?
  3. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Got her home! Best vehicle transaction I have ever had. Worked with Ashlie, Steve & John along with one of their salesman. A two hour drive that was well worth it! Can't wait to go back in 60 months ?
  4. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Depending where you are, get Tony Lukes before you leave! Probably best to just use Uber Eats lol
  5. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Scheduled for Saturday. Looks like a lot more rake than my '16!
  6. New Owner - New Tires, Level ASAP

    Thanks! Didn't realize they were brick and mortar as we do not have any in my area.
  7. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Looks good! What was your removal method for 4x4 decal?
  8. New Owner - New Tires, Level ASAP

    Where were you able to find that purchased the stock tires?
  9. 11/1/2021 Build club

    I wouldn't trust or stress over the tracker. Dealer is only legit source. (Sorry if you already said your dealer is not cooperative).
  10. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Called and spoke with John - picking up Saturday at 3. He said I am good for 0% for 60 months (which I am fine with) but I believe I qualify for the 72 months. Said we will go over warranty options in person.
  11. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Delivery email was from Steve. Couldn't hear who called, both of my kids were in the background lol I emailed them again today after completing financing link and have not received a response. Going to call tomorrow.
  12. 11/1/2021 Build club

    I would call tomorrow. I got their delivery email Friday and responded with a few questions and then they called me Saturday afternoon asking if I received their follow up email (which I didn't).
  13. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Got delivery confirmation this morning. Was hoping for pickup tomorrow but they haven't responded to my request. Next Saturday it is! One more week to wish for a PCO!
  14. 11/1/2021 Build club

    According to United Road, truck may be delivered today! Hoping for a Friday or Saturday pick up! Delivery of today would align with the MachE tracker with a shipment date of 11/11 and 13 transit days.
  15. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Referring to the orange and blue?? Haha
  16. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Making me think about a Tremor next time!!
  17. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Looks awesome! Where did you get the lettering?
  18. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Any insight?? A miracle of this Saturday pickup is the best possible day for me in the next month!
  19. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Congrats! How did you get the PCO??