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  1. Ford Power-Up Priority Update 23-PU0110-RAD-PS

    Just received this today as well. No past problems with radio presets during updates but have had problems with My View resetting. I wonder if it helps with My View glitches?
  2. Get prepared for BlueCruise 1.3

    Agree with this. I use it occasionally but am honestly a bit concerned about getting pulled over for suspected DUI because it ping pongs in the lane so bad. I had it in the dealer a couple months ago and supposedly they recalibrated the system but there is virtually no improvement. 1.2 or 3 or...
  3. 4.3.3

    When I tap the routes button, the routes come up differently than they used to. You can do another tap now on “details”. Also, I could be imaging it, but the resolution/contrast seems better now on the 12” screen than it used to.
  4. Power-Up 4.3.2

    Same here, two updates to n two days! Keep em comin.
  5. 4.3.3

    I got 4.3.2 yesterday after not receiving any OTA’s in about two months. Then today when I got in my truck to come home from the office I noticed 4.3.3 was que’d up. I scheduled it to start about 2 minutes after I pulled into the garage at 6:20. It started the 2 minute countdown about 20 seconds...
  6. Not a skid plate - official name?

    Snow catcher describes it well. Mine was ripped off this winter and I had the dealer replace. Unfortunately I don’t think I still have the receipt but in Ford Pass it looks like I probably spent about $200. Seems like a lot for that skimpy “skid plate” but the new one seemed like better quality...
  7. Pro Trailer Backup Assist Stickers or Yaw

    I have a 21 job 1 as well and have not been able to get it to calibrate with the stickers. I went through the process multiple times but the truck wouldn’t calibrate, can’t remember now what the issue was but I eventually gave up. Btw mine came with a pack of stickers in the glove box so I...
  8. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    Still waiting on 4.2.1 and hoping it will somehow stabilize the Carplay issues I’ve been having since 3.5.3. Guess maybe I should fill the tank..
  9. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    Has anyone noticed any significant changes with this update? I have had a slew of problems with Carplay connectivity since the last update which enabled full screen carplay. My CarPlay shuts down at the same two locations on the way to and from my office. Sometimes it comes back on and others I...
  10. BlueCruise trial extended to December 31

    I received the notice from ford as well about the extension a couple weeks ago. Right about the same time I had my truck at the dealer and tried to get them to recalibrate BC as it seems to be ping ponging more than it used to and is more glitchy. They told me they are not doing anything with BC...
  11. 2021 F-150 Lariat Leadfoot Build

    The ridge grapplers have been great in the snow. I had trail grapplers on my last F1 and the ridge grapplers seem to have better traction.
  12. BlueCruise 1.2 installed in F-150 -- review & hands-free driving video

    I’m anxiously awaiting 1.2 as well. I dropped off my truck for a transfer case leak today and asked if they can do something about my BC ping ponging between the lanes. The service writer told me Ford has put a hold on all BC troubleshooting. They recently had a truck they tried to update and he...
  13. Lift and fuel economy

    I had almost no difference in MPG after doing coilover leveling kit, maybe 1 mpg at worse. That was while I still had my stock wheels and tires on the truck. However, since I put on the Load E Ridge Grapplers I have noticed a significant difference. I haven’t calculated anything, my experience...
  14. 2021 FX4 Hybrid - loud rattle when combustion engine starts (almost sounds like exhaust shield but doesn't appear so)

    I think you’re right. Mine does it when warm. Every time I get home after a drive and shut the door is when I hear it. First thing in the morning when cold I don’t notice it.
  15. 2021 FX4 Hybrid - loud rattle when combustion engine starts (almost sounds like exhaust shield but doesn't appear so)

    I hear the rattle when I close my doors as well. Extremely annoying. Did you get this resolved?
  16. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Brand new to Forscan, got my OBD II Link and am starting with double horn honk disable because it looked like that would be an easy one (and it's extremely annoying). I've found the module but my as-built already has a "0" in the 4th number where @Livnitup sheet says change to "0". Should I...
  17. cargo bed camera bug/glitch??

    Lame! Does Ford intentionally make these changes, or is this a result of glitches in the OTA updates? What’s the consensus?
  18. cargo bed camera bug/glitch??

    I’ve been having similar issue since receiving the last couple of OTA updates. I can no longer view my bed at speed. When I push the camera button at speed it shows the backup view but I have no options to select other views. Then when I shut the camera off that message pops up. Has to be...
  19. Powerboost Leveling Kit Fail (2015-2020 Fox 2.0 “Tuned by Ford Performance” leveling kit)

    Interesting, good to know. I’ve been happy with my kit as well. Will watch for that outside tire wear and align if needed.