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  1. Ford Early Access

    I just got into the EAP too. Kinda hilarious. Especially since I applied 2 years ago.
  2. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    Looking for a set to replace my wild peak A/T3Ws eventually. They have been great. About 35k on them. Over half the tread left!
  3. Underside hood stickers 2021?

    The only "required" sticker is the emissions control sticker seen in the picture above. I would contact Ford for the sticker if you really want it. Here is the CFR reference: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/40/1051.135
  4. Diode dynamics Elite Max headlights and fog light issues

    We loved Coeur D’Alene. It’s amazing that in about 40 minutes you go from beautiful CDA to sh—hole Spokane. Night and day difference.
  5. Diode dynamics Elite Max headlights and fog light issues

    @Graygoose2021 I was just there (Spokane) about a week ago on vacation (To Idaho and Montana), needless to say Im glad we only spent the afternoon in Spokane.
  6. Farewell For Now! Thanks for all the information and help!

    Sad to see you go, we will be here when you inevitably come back! ;)
  7. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    If you spend anytime on gravel roads or offroad mud flaps are a must IMO, prevent rock chips, keep mud on the sides to a minimum.
  8. Sync 4 SiriusXM and Radio favorites keep resetting

    @dolsen That's awesome, I have a shirt too and a bunch of Dick Kramer art (the artist who drew the pencil drawing). He died in the past year or so, got a few prints before he died.
  9. dashcam recommendation

    I've got a Roav C1 Pro that works great, paired with the Dongar Tech rearview mirror cable. https://www.amazon.com/Dongar-Technologies-Adapter-16-pin-Vehicles/dp/B088P4VFQ7
  10. Sync 4 SiriusXM and Radio favorites keep resetting

    Anyone been having issues with your SXM and radio station favorites on your 12" infotainment screen resetting? It seems lately i've had to go back and reset them multiple times per month.
  11. Engine on due to cold?

    I just looked at my work order for this and they have written in it "RF ECU for adaptive fuel message warning, cleared". I'm assuming RF means "reflash"?
  12. Engine on due to cold?

    The ECS message happened to me before shortly after I bought my Powerboost, I was driving from MN to ND and filled up with E10 as opposed to "normal" fuel E15 in MN (88 octane). I was told this was a normal message due to fuel changes and that it would go away eventually. The dealer did zero out...
  13. gas octane question for PB F150

    Guys, guys.....If calculus and thermodynamic engineering has taught me anything, the equation you are looking for is: WQH=1−TCTH. However, gasoline is not an IDEAL gas, there are thermodynamic failures in efficiency with any man made gas. When you enter ethanol in the mix, it gets even worse...
  14. Kicker Amp / Morel Speakers Audio Upgrade

    @LostBoy Nice writeup and results!! I need to do the same to mine, want to make some money?? :sneaky:
  15. LED projector upgrades

    @Hawsa if you dont mind, what kind of $$$ are we looking at for the conversion?
  16. Need help to identify.

    This 👆
  17. gas octane question for PB F150

    I've only used 87 in my Powerboost. I realize that the manual recommends 91 octane, but I have found no detrimental effects with using 87. Although in MN, ethanol is added and required, so YMMV, literally.
  18. need recommendation on catalytic converter cover for our PB F150

    Go with talons garage!! https://www.talonsgarage.com/product-page/f-150-upgraded-transmission-skid
  19. 2021 F150 Lariat Agate Black/Stone Grey Leveled 295/70R18 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/Ts

    After a few weeks, how you liking those Teraflex falcons? They are the ones with the selector knob for towing and such right?