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  1. 275/65/18 to 275/70/18 upgrade inside

    Do you have a lift or level on your truck? Your setup looks amazing, but I'm at least a year or 2 away from my accounting department (wife) allocating me the funds for a lift lol.
  2. Granger Ford - Hi, from Zach

    I'm from Canada so I haven't had any direct interactions with the folks at Granger. Even I know the name though and the legendary reputation it has on this forum. Their open, informative and most importantly honest customer service makes it no surprise that people from across the USA are...
  3. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Bold move sir! But hopefully none of us are waiting much longer. For my part, I just spent 500 on the brakes for my Sorento that's getting traded in when I get my truck. 😑
  4. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Definitely sounds like something that would get updated on to a window sticker once it was done.
  5. Dealer messed up my order. Looking for help to see what went wrong.

    Someone else had a very similar problem.
  6. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Just had a build day of 11/04 confirmed by FP. Getting harder and harder to keep my excitement contained. 😁
  7. 11/1/2021 Build club

    I was originally week 11/08 which I believe is the last production week for 21s in Dearborn. Was bumped up to this week, but am waiting to here back today about an actual day.
  8. Trailer brake not working

    What's interesting about this is that it sounds like a 100% software issue rather than connection or wiring issue.
  9. 11/1/2021 Build club

    Yeah seeing a lot of that. I'm selfishly worried they are going to push me out to the week of 11/8. I'm happy for everyone that's finally seeing progress on their trucks though. 😁
  10. 11/1/2021 Build club

    I feel once a week is reasonable. Honestly they probably don't even remember who you are if you aren't doing it daily. Who knows maybe we're giving them something to do lol.
  11. 11/1/2021 Build club

    I've heard some weird stories with the online VIN tracker. Like people getting the call to pick up their truck before its even gone to production. I'd say the most reliable source is FP, followed by your dealer depending on how responsive they are and then lastly the tracker. Of course the...