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  1. How many times can you switch dealers?

    I would appreciate some advice on how to switch dealers with my reservation. Will doing this affect my early time and date stamp? I chose my small hometown dealer originally thinking they would have a short list of buyers. They are now not responding to my emails asking for an appointment. My...
  2. [Kearny Mesa] Ford Lightning Update: Order Bank Date Pushed Back

    How does Ford know what build I will order? I am an early Reservist, did not receive any survey, and have never been asked what trim I am buying.
  3. Lightning EV Tax Credits & Rebates - Discussions & Predictions

    Just a few comments (and guesses) on possible changes to EV credits 2022: **EVERYTHING BELOW ARE ONLY MY INFORMED GUESSES** It seems the Democrats today have come very close to agreement on changes to "The Build Better Plan" that includes EV Credits. The credit portion of the bill is a very...