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  1. B & O UNLEASHED, but what?

    Please report back if you fall off that wagon. :) I'm actually rooting for you because I told myself the same thing. But I already feel a little weak in the knees after 5 months with the Powerboost. The reason I SHOULDN'T do it is because I didn't keep my last truck forever, like I said I...
  2. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    It's true, or at least very likely that the average numbers reported around here are going to take a dip. Or at least the Hybrid mileage does on other make/models in cold months. Even more so in the areas where the fuel at the pump is a "winter blend", although I've never lived in that kind of...
  3. B & O UNLEASHED, but what?

    If it co$t more as an option, I probably would be more vocal about its shortcomings. It's nothing special. But the cars I have heard fantastic oem systems in were optional and could range from $2800-7000 more than standard equipment. So a few hundred bucks? I guess you get what you pay for...
  4. Am I missing something here? Might be a question or a rant IDK

    It really does make a difference if you can have a history with a dealership AND they value that relationship. It's rarer as time goes by. And sorely missed in a market like this one.
  5. Anyone notice this in last couple days?

    Wow. I must be an optimist. I've had 4 consecutive F150's over the last dozen years. If I were to narrow my opinion to just their electronics I would have to say they have come a long long ways. In fact, the Powerboost is like a HUGE leap forward in so many ways. It's a marvel everytime I get...
  6. No Home Back-Up System Equipment Specs

    @PungoteagueDave is living the dream
  7. No Home Back-Up System Equipment Specs

    There are SO MANY current disruptions in the manufacturing and supply of goods. Ford has to roll with punches that nobody saw coming, just like everyone else.
  8. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    So it's not just Ford that is full of BS. It's anybody reporting better fuel mileage than 19? You could be right, but it seems a stretch. I do mixed driving and very little effort to hyper-mile. It takes too much fun out of driving it for me. The only condition I see 19mpg or less is a...
  9. Impressions from Ford F-150 Lightning EV Tour -- Boston

    I let spellchecker get away with murder. Lightning :)
  10. Impressions from Ford F-150 Lightning EV Tour -- Boston

    A Lightening should never be intimidated by a Powerboost. Or vice-versa. They are awesome siblings. They should play nicely together since combined they have ALL the bases covered. 😜
  11. No Home Back-Up System Equipment Specs

    You probably shouldn't encourage me. I already have a really hard time taking much seriously. Drives some of my closest and dearest nuts. A forum discussing toys hardly has a chance of meeting the requirements. Lol
  12. Trailer brake not working

    If Ford told me that my OEM brake controller is NEVER going to be reliable, I would be pretty disappointed. Even miffed. But I'm not swapping to another 1/2 ton brand or model. Would rather tow with this beast and an aftermarket brake controller. Afterall, oem brake controllers didn't even...
  13. Impressions from Ford F-150 Lightning EV Tour -- Boston

    I wouldn't dream of predicting the future too much since looking in the rear view I know I NEVER would have predicted the last couple of years. Still, I will just wait until my dealership lets me know that they have an uncalled for Lightening. If it isn't a configuration that I'm interested...
  14. Impressions from Ford F-150 Lightning EV Tour -- Boston

    I did take the liberty to exaggerate some of the angst being posted about how miffed some folks are with Ford ALREADY. And 99% of it is still just rumor and conjecture. So, I had a little fun with it. Obviously I didn't mean anyone was "hurting for Lightening" literally. As for not being able...
  15. No Home Back-Up System Equipment Specs

    I think the OP said something very different than begging for attention. And even admitted so. It's been a good thread regardless.
  16. Impressions from Ford F-150 Lightning EV Tour -- Boston

    I had my own impressions of the F150 EV when I first heard about it. I couldn't have been more wrong. In my defense, I brought EV assumptions that were influenced by ALL the EV that I had witnessed previously. Now of course we know much more and as the previous few posts have touched on, this...
  17. Impressions from Ford F-150 Lightning EV Tour -- Boston

    Excellent post! Thanks I don't know if the vinyl in the Pro is the same as our 2021 Powerboost 7.2KW Powerboost work truck, but that thing is VERY different than the XL interiors of the past. Ford is obviously upgrading the "fleet vehicle" in lots of unexpected ways. Your post gives me...
  18. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    In all fairness, your specific truck is performing far less efficiently than so many others reporting here. I'm not sure Ford's claim is BS, but rather your truck isn't operating properly.
  19. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I'm guessing that you might be STUNNED to discover all the buttons/options a driver has in one of these latest techno-vehicles. :)
  20. Apple Maps turn indicator in instrument cluster

    Maybe. But don't give up on those Forscan gurus who are working every day to unlock features like this. If Ford actually enables cameras while driving, those geeks will find that setting eventually. :)