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  1. EcoBoost Versus PowerBoost

    I agree. Go with the powerboost
  2. PowerBoost 7.2kw onboard generator saves the day (3 days) during Texas power outage

    I was out of power for 42 hours here in Dallas. Was looking at the Powerboost and 7.2kw for the last month But could not pull the trigger. Was looking at new Ram as well. The no power closed the deal in my mind. Bought mine on Friday am. I have told friends about this and they now are looking...
  3. Ford asks Texas dealers to lend 415 new F-150 with onboard generators to aid state power outage

    PIcked up my mobile generator today. Was without power for 42 hours here in Dallas. Ford needs to really push his new option!
  4. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Just joined. Lariat Powerboost with 7.2KW! Never thought I would need backup in Texas. Also into 1957 Caddy’s and Ford’s