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  1. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    It's a team effort. Just doing my part.
  2. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    If you can get a rail car # I can try to look it up.
  3. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Railroad conductor for CSX
  4. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Here is the info on that rail car. Look like it's on pace for 3/13 in the morning.
  5. Produced-in-January-and-still-waiting Club

    I'm still waiting as well. Blend date was 1/28 I'm on my 3rd eta. Now 3/2-3/8. I would like a detailed snapshot like those above as I only have what the tracker gives. VIN IS 1FTFW1ED2MFA85422
  6. ETA is today 2/23 but not shipped yet.

    According to the dealer it now the first week of March. I'm only like 2 hour drive from Dearborn. Yes I had a spray in liner and wheel liners. But the dealer is not sure why my ETA has changed 3 times now.
  7. ETA is today 2/23 but not shipped yet.

    In the tracker the ETA is 2/23 but not showing built or shipped. Early last week I had an ETA 2/19 and got bumped a few days before that deadline. Now the day of and nothing.
  8. Ford Truck Month promotion coming next month says Ford!

    My limited ETA got bumped from 2/19 to 2/23. Only a couple days left but I'm sure it will get bumped again.
  9. Window sticker disappeared.

    Ok I thought it would just hang out and tease us till delivery.
  10. Window sticker disappeared.

    Been in production for weeks. Blend date 1/28. Had the window sticker a week prior but a few days ago it says this and has never came back. Original sticker posted as well. Anyone else having the same issue or know what's going on?
  11. Crazy Shipping Timeframes

    Mine is gone as well
  12. Crazy Shipping Timeframes

    I did get the spray in bed liner max recline and work surface. But no update in weeks is a bit crazy.
  13. Crazy Shipping Timeframes

    I've gone weeks with no change. Everyone else is at least showing built or shipping. Yet I'm supposed to have it by Friday.
  14. ***Limited Club***

    My sticker says 01/28 build date but that came and went. Now the trackers say 01/31 but still in production. Anyone know whats going on?