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  1. Ford Truck Month promotion coming next month says Ford!

    So I have a truck with a build date of 3/15 (now, was Feb, then 3/1, hopefully 3/15 sticks). If the deals are good enough can I somehow lock that in? Would hate to miss a discount because Ford can't deliver something I ordered in November.
  2. Bumped again - from 2/1 to 2/3 to 3/18

    In a normal year, when would they switch over to the new model year? My build was originally scheduled for 3/1, then 3/15 and I’m suspecting it’s going to get another delay (and if it goes into April then I’m not seeing my truck in WA until mid May).
  3. Fully Loaded Lariat vs Fully Loaded Platinum???

    I used this site:
  4. Fully Loaded Lariat vs Fully Loaded Platinum???

    Ouch. That's low. Looking that guy up on Ford Tracker, it sure does look loaded. 701A package 7.2KW generator FX4 package Max Tow (or one of the tow packages) Moon roof Engine Block Heater Work Surface Storage Box Spray in bedliner Interestingly I *don't* see the max recline seats in...
  5. Options for gaining payload

    I decided to look up the 150lb number, because I’ve read about it enough to wonder why it comes up. I was absolutely wrong (you are right), the yellow sticker has nothing to do with the extra driver...
  6. Options for gaining payload

    Kavm, CurryBob took some pictures at the drive event and just happened to take a photo of a PB Limited. The payload came in at 1371lbs. Now, from what I’ve read, 1371lbs does *not* include a 150lb driver. The yellow sticker is payload + 150 lbs driver, so maybe the total payload is 1521 lbs...
  7. 2021 F-150 First Drive Reviews [Compilation]

    So every single reviewer drove a SCREW 5.5 ft bed. I know they had SCREW 6.5ft bed examples at the testing events but I haven't seen one reviewed yet. Did I miss anything? Although I have an order in for a 5.5 ft SCREW (that hasn't been picked up yet), I'm still thinking about changing to a...
  8. Limited AWD vs Platinum 4WD Drivetrain

    Anybody who pulls a RV and goes to National Forest or primitive campgrounds needs to get a 4x4. I’ve gotten myself into a handful of situations where I’ve needed 4wd to move my camper into a weird spot and wouldn’t have been able to do it with 2wd only.
  9. (Nov 10) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    So last week‘s OKTB notice said they were scheduling for WW49. This weeks OKTB notice says they’re scheduling for WW51. Is WW50 not a thing for Ford or does Ford use a non-standard WW numbering system and WW50 is Thanksgiving? For reference, most calendars have Thanksgiving as WW48. Either...
  10. (Nov 5) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    Here's the one note I don't understand - No Availability for any non-hybrid engine? They're not building any 5.0's or 3.5 EB's? That surprises me.