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  1. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Congrats! Had to use chains once going north into Flagstaff. My Dad's 1982 F 150 wasn't 4x4 but the chains worked great.
  2. AM/FM antenna superceded on new builds

    Have the shorter style on my Lariat, built July 1. Live rural in the county. No issues with reception.
  3. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    What you driving/ordered?
  4. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    $3200 inc tax. Subtract $195 plus tax if you do not want the grill and B pillars done. Installer did the B pillars free using leftover grill sheet film.
  5. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    How easy is it to remove and replace?
  6. Ranch Hand Brush Guard for 2021+

    I emailed Ranch Hand several weeks ago regarding the brackets. They never answered me. I called several times. A woman's voice said leave a message and would get back. Never did. No customer service means done with Ranch Hand. Read a lot now and most non-commercial sites indicate a GG can...
  7. RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Club

    Have added a few more modifications now. Full clear XPEL PPF to include rocker panels and Stealth (Matt finish) over grill and B pillars. Matt black BD Trim on tailgate. Bull rings. Weathertech mud flaps.
  8. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Full XPEL PPF! Front, hood, front fenders, mirror skull caps, headlights, fog lights. Also rocker panels. Had the grill and the B panels covered in XPEL Stealth, a Matt finish. Like the Matt B panels better than shiny Tuxedo Black. Should help with our county gravel roads and sand.
  9. October 26 is when 2022 F-150 Lightning ordering begins (order bank opens) - confirmed by Ford internal screenshots

    Are dealers explaining potential delays due to microprocessor shortages? Anyone know how many chips these trucks use?
  10. Ford Accessories Unavailable?

    Still no call from dealer about splash guards or viscous dampened cartridge since July. Guess it is true: sales, service, or parts expertise; pick two.
  11. My 2021 F0150 Tremor Leveled

    Looks great! Can you let us know if you experience increased hood vibration? Read elsewhere that leveling causes the hood to vibrate more at highway speeds.
  12. Blend date then how long?

    Blend June 30. Built July 1. Delivered July 20.
  13. 2021 3.5 EcoBoost vs PowerBoost? Can't Decide

    Drove both. Like both. Went with 3.5L Ecoboost because I have no need for a Supercrew with the stubby bed and wanted a Supercab Lariat, which comes with a 6.5' bed and is less money. Supercab Lariat means no power boost engine available, no moon roof option, if you wanted one. Powerboost...
  14. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    The latest Undercover Armorflex has a triple gasket at the tailgate top, rain gutters on the sides, and Line-X sprayed panels. Like this one and also the Leer HF650M. Still thinking before dropping the $. But one issue with finding watertight covers I think is the tailgate as you look down...
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    That truck is sharp!
  16. My Tremor got bumped to a 2022

    There are websites like Costco buyers program that give you dealer invoice prices but do not show factory hold back or what you can negotiate. This group is really helpful for tips, as are some dealers who are on this site.
  17. Ford Accessories Unavailable?

    True. I was fortunate. Ordered March 29, built July 1, delivered July 20. Was afraid it would sit outside for months waiting for chips.
  18. My Tremor got bumped to a 2022

    I had this question in mind already: Are you getting an equivalent 2022 at your agreed upon 2021 price? This would apply to all buyers who had their vehicles pushed to the next model year. White shows dirt fast but it depends where you live and the temperature. Around me the most popular...
  19. Ford Accessories Unavailable?

    Anyone having trouble getting Ford accessories? Waited three months for molded splash guards from my dealer and gave up. Went with Weathertech and had them in four days. Still waiting for a viscous dampener cartridge for the tailgate. Found one tube of Rapid Red touch up paint in stock after...
  20. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Installed rear Weathertech No Drill mud flaps. Perfect fit. Will do the front later.