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  1. 2022 F-150 Towing Guide With Tow Capability Calculator [PDF Download]

    Page 18 is a chart of towing equipment and towing packages. Can you or anyone tell me what the "X" and "S" notations in the chart mean? Thanks,
  2. Hood / Bug Protector - Any Feedback / Reviews?

    Hello All, Has any one installed AVS # 194975 window ventvisors? Have 2021-150-hyb. s/crew. Have been repairing all my vehicles for many years (inc total restorations) so I usually don't have problems with repairs or installations. ordered from amazon BROKE one of the front window visors.Called...
  3. Adding OEM Engine Block Heater?

    Hello Billy, I bought KATS 11815 (amazon) $38.93. Have not used yet, Talked with their tech support, liked the concept and what they said. Not difficult to install. my 06 escape hybrids get better mpg in winter starting the drive with warm engine. I installed heaters on both regards, Ed
  4. 2KW Pro Power (3.5L EB) - Constant error messages. Pro Power not able to be used in generator mode at ALL.

    Good morning Wheeler and group, Please refer to page 189 of2021 F150 pdf Owners Manual. it says hybrids are bonded ,non hybrids(gas) are floating. So question #1- is anything plugged into any power gen. outlets? Code with empty sockets suggests power gen. problem -something plugged in suggests...
  5. Actual maintenance manual

    Hello Zyvin, Was the 2021 repair manual for a gas powered f150 (not a hybrid). I am looking for hybrid service manual. Ed
  6. part #s + R/R for drive belts

    Hello Brian, Sorry I thought I'd replied earlier. Thank you so much for info. I will store with the spare belts. Ed
  7. part #s + R/R for drive belts

    Hello,Rob, Have always done my own repairs ,in old days traveled many miles ,always carry many spare parts and tools. I may be wrong but I think one may not be able to start the engine if a belt breaks. I am lost without repair manual and spares. Just being cautious, Rock Auto claims to have...
  8. part #s + R/R for drive belts

    Anyone know parts# + R/R for drive belts. would like ford part #s + generic specs for belts. also need directions for removal. pictures would be very helpful. is the service manual published? Was unable to get any help from local dealer.
  9. Rubberized Undercoating

    Thank you so much for taking time to reply. Looking forward to hearing what your dealer says.
  10. Rubberized Undercoating

    Michael, I m Michael, I have talked with several regional LineX dealers plus LineX corporate headquarters in Alabama. One local dealer uses Krown for undercoating, another considers their product a state secret that costs $600, and headquarters says they use ValuGard undercoating. Prices...
  11. Rubberized Undercoating

    Thanks for info Michael. $198 is most I would pay to linex a chassis. To fluid film or surface shield a chassis is much less expensive like $50 or so. can do with jack stands,much easier with a lift. Hi hopes for surface shield Look at also see links to SouthMain Auto Repair LLC re Rust...
  12. Rubberized Undercoating

    Thank you for your comments. Would you mind telling me what your cost is for the LineX? I called my two local dealers yesterday. One does only bedliner, not the undercoating. They use Krown oil-based product for undercoating and the charge for that is $150. The other dealer charges $325 for...
  13. Rubberized Undercoating

    I would like to know more about your experience with LineX. How long did you keep each of those seven vehicles and how durable was the LineX? Did all seven look like these photos and how long did they look that way? Did you have to repeat the application?
  14. Getting cold feet about buying a 2021 PowerBoost

    It is a nicely equipped truck!
  15. Getting cold feet about buying a 2021 PowerBoost

    See here: And here: In that period of time, California legislated that manufacturers would have to offer a percentage of zero emission vehicles in order to sell any vehicles in the state. Ford made the Ranger...
  16. Getting cold feet about buying a 2021 PowerBoost

    The window sticker would also be great to easily see options.
  17. Getting cold feet about buying a 2021 PowerBoost

    In 8 days I take delivery on a 2021 F-150 PB Platinum Super-crew. Reading your story I empathize with what you are going thru. I also found my truck by searching dealer inventory. My opinions are based on owning two electric Ford Rangers (1999 & 2001) ,two 2006 Ford Escape Hybrids 4x4, and a...