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  1. Did a little off-road and little family camping

    Those look sharp. Any idea what they weigh? Are they the 1/4" aluminum ones?
  2. Winch / Bumper for 2021 F150?

    Unless I got confused, I think I saw a YouTube with a guy's f250 Tremor that had a very OEM looking bumper with a winch set up. Anyone know if that can be installed on my 3.5L EB supercrew?
  3. Sunroof tint (pros/cons, type, etc.)

    I was going to ask about this, I think you may be referring to this tint I saw in a shop that didn't have any dark tinting, but they had display with windshield and half tinted & half not and two infrared bulbs. You could feel the diff in heat transfer. Same thing as what you used? If so why...
  4. Anyone making a winch bumper?

    I saw a YouTube with a guy and his f250 tremor that had a OEM looking bumper with a winch. Does that truck have similar dimensions to my '21 f150 Lariat supercrew? Can that bumper be used on my truck?
  5. 2022 F-150 Towing Guide With Tow Capability Calculator [PDF Download]

    So would the calculator work for my 2021 lariat as well?
  6. White smoke at start up

    I had the 2016 2.7L xlt and it would smoke white at all different temps. Sometimes I saw heavier smoke when I jumped on it and then it would go away. We topped off oil and checked oil consumption. Turned out it was going thru oil pretty fast. Ford wound up replacing the whole motor at 6000...
  7. F-150 "Deep Sleep" Mode

    Very cool to hear. I would have had my own breakdown if it happened at 500 mi and I hadn't read something about it before. Lol I just saw something about these batteries getting damaged when they go down to 4v, is that why you got a new battery?
  8. F-150 "Deep Sleep" Mode

    I was thinking I miraculously dodged the battery drain issue on my 3.5L EB supercrew. Bought in Feb, built in Jan 3700 mi. Sat 2 days and no signs of life, had to use the fob backup key. Dead dead dead. Got a meter and it showed 4v. Guy came out with jumper box & it fired right up, however the...
  9. Armrest Not Staying Up In Open Position

    Rear seat release? Do tell plz
  10. Camera Speed Limit Delete

    My pet peeve is related, but not quite the same. While I can totally agree that having a larger range of operation would be nice, I don't think I want to use the front camera while driving down the road anyway. When I'm pulling into a tight spot and the proximity warning beeps and opens the...
  11. Trailer Hitch specs

    I have the 3.5L EB Supercrew 4x4 Lariat w/the max tow package. Bought before I knew a single thing about actually towing a travel trailer (I only know a little more than that now lol) , but I knew I needed more truck than the 2016 2.7L that I traded in. As I believe I have learned, the 13,000#...
  12. Oil Analysis at 7k miles (EcoBoost V6)

    Well heck, I just took my sample to the mailbox TODAY (lol), but checked the box no for TBN analysis. What have I done? Can you share the short version of why it's important for us noobs?
  13. Back up Camera Poor Quality

    I wonder if we can buy a 2017 lariat camera and solve our problem?
  14. Automatically revert back to normal screen/instrument mode after phone call?

    Is it possible to set the phone up so I can just make or receive a call and when I hang up just go back to the normal screen/instrument mode or look. It is annoying to have to go thru 7 button choices just to make a call and go back to "my view". One bonus question if I may, anyone know how to...
  15. UnderCover Swing Case Storage System

    I would love to check out the motorcycle loading system you're using as well. I ain't getting any younger! Lol thanks for other feedback too! I did wind up ordering the storage, thanks to all of you for contributing to my research on it. Hope it's here by the weekend. Happy 4th!
  16. UnderCover Swing Case Storage System

    I see what you mean. Great details! Hope you get your truck soon!
  17. UnderCover Swing Case Storage System

    Thank you, that helps. I imagine the week point would be the torsion where the mount attaches to the plastic box. It said something about 75# capacity so I thought that sounded pretty substantial. Would you mind sharing your observations on that? How's that hinge and where it attaches to box...
  18. UnderCover Swing Case Storage System

    I have the 3.5L EB SC with the 5.5 bed, and went with the BAK X4s roll up as opposed to the Retrax because of the semi permanent forfeiture of all that realestate in the bed. Putting my son's 250 motorcycle in there would be trouble. I also have the 2kw power so don't have the luxury of any real...
  19. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    It’s not like that's exactly unforeseeable. In a hot streek this week, I'll be disappointed if it happens on mine. Have to check it out Saturday or so.
  20. 2.4kW Pro Power Noise?

    Very cool, I think I actually have that! Gotta go look.... Ty. That will be make that at least a little bit less oa PITA.