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  1. Dallas F-150 Lightning Tour Registration Open

    I went to the NY/NJ event today. I had the last slot of the day at 6PM. I arrived at 5:45. Under 30 people were there and they still asked for my reservation time slot and my name. My only complaint is that the only experience with the cabin was during the ride along.
  2. School me (us) on smart chargers

    There is no advantage. Honestly if you’re doing basic daily point A to B driving and a few errands a 14-50 outlet and the supplied charger will be more than enough. I have a Tesla Model X Long Range Plus and the supplied charge plugged into a 14-50 is more than adequate. The smart feature...
  3. What cars do you have now?

    2016 Subaru Legacy 2013 KIA Sorento Late 2020 Model X Long Range Plus
  4. Ford Will Build 15K Lightning in 2022, 80K+/yr by 2024

    Thank You. I did exactly what I hate others do. I failed to search the forum before asking a question.
  5. Ford Will Build 15K Lightning in 2022, 80K+/yr by 2024

    How does the reservation number system work? Does 10828xxx means 28,xxx?
  6. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    5/19/2021 Res Number: 10828292 Dealership State: NJ