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  1. Towing thoughts/questions

    I don’t see a problem with payload with a ~9500-lb trailer with weight distribution.
  2. The Lightning and towing with a “half-ton”

    Just thinking about the Lightning and its ability to tow heavy trailers. A few years ago we would have called a 6500-lb truck with 2000 pounds of payload and >700 lb-ft of torque a “3/4 ton diesel.” Range limitations aside, I think the Lightning will perform very well.
  3. October 26 is when 2022 F-150 Lightning ordering begins (order bank opens) - confirmed by Ford internal screenshots

    Reservations are a marketing tool to generate media coverage. When people stop getting excited over reservation numbers (especially Tesla) manufacturers will stop doing it.
  4. RV Trailer Towing With F-150 Lightning - Considerations & Discussions

    Yep it’s going to be a bit of an unknown. Possibly a universal kit will work with or without some modification. Might need to get something fabbed up. It would be great if B&W or any of the other hitch companies make something pre-fabbed. Not sure if the market is big enough for them but we’ll see.
  5. RV Trailer Towing With F-150 Lightning - Considerations & Discussions

    I think the most adventurous part for me is going to be getting the fifth wheel hitch installed, just because the frame design is different from the ICE/Hybrid F-150. The electric part of it I’m honestly not too concerned about. Plan on range being cut by 50% and I shouldn’t be disappointed...
  6. RV Trailer Towing With F-150 Lightning - Considerations & Discussions

    80% our camping trips are within 30 mi / 50 km of home. Unserviced sites are easier to get. I could run the trailer from the truck for a weekend trip. We take one or two long trips each year (to a serviced site) where I might have to fast charge once each way. Maybe a bit inconvenient but so...
  7. New Chargers Can Fully Charge the Lightning in 15 Minutes?

    Naw, the grid will be fine. If everyone switched to EVs overnight there would be a problem, but we’re talking a slow transition over 20 years or more. There’s plenty of time to forecast demand and upgrade transmission and distribution as needed.
  8. Official 2022 F-150 Lightning Specs, Pricing, Photos & Videos!

    Now that I’ve gotten used to a 12.1 inch screen I could never go back to 12.0 inches.
  9. New Chargers Can Fully Charge the Lightning in 15 Minutes?

    That’s probably an 800+ volt charger. Not compatible with the Lightning’s battery.
  10. Flat spots/indentations in the bed?

    Ahh, yes. Whatever they’re for, they’re part of the regular Ford-branded drop-in liner. Maybe just an artifact of the molds used for the plastic.
  11. What cars do you have now?

    The Lightning will replace my 2015 F-150 and 2013 Chevy Volt. Wife’s car is a 2018 Pacifica Hybrid.
  12. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    Added my reservation. Reserved day 2 and I’m in Canada. Hoping that’s good enough for late 22 early 23.
  13. Flat spots/indentations in the bed?

    That would be nice. I’m planning to install a fifth wheel.
  14. Flat spots/indentations in the bed?

    Was just watching this Mr. Truck video which gives the first view of the pickup bed that I’ve seen. There are a few “flat spots” in the bed liner. What would those be for?
  15. Towing thoughts/questions

    I wonder how one-pedal driving will work with trailer brakes. Will the brake controller only apply the trailer brakes when the brake pedal is pressed?