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  1. Dallas F-150 Lightning Tour Registration Open

    They were checking that you were on the reservation list when you checked in.
  2. Lightning Reservation Expectations

    Just google 2022 F150 order guide and download the order guide. You don't need the web configuration tool.
  3. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    Added my info reservation number: 10817XXX date 5/19/21
  4. Lightning Tour spots are open for Daytona, Washington and NY

    Just received my confirmation for the DC event on 10/4 at 1600
  5. Registeration Full

    Only 10/4 was available.
  6. Registeration Full

    I received the email at 3:01pm, registered right away.When I registered time slots were available for 1600, 1630, 1700, 1730 & 1800 DC is at FedEX field. Not a good time of day to be on that side of the beltway.