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  1. My 2021 F0150 Tremor Leveled

    Looks awesome! My plan is to run 35s as I do on my current f150, but I think BFG KO2 34s would fit your truck perfect with the level.
  2. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    One of my local dealers called me yesterday evening asking me to come in and build out my Tremor. Basically saying let's build it out for the 2021, and when "mid-october" the 2022 opens up we'll make sure its good and send it to Ford. However, then he was saying 6-10 weeks from mid October, I...
  3. 2021 Tremor 401A at Dealer

    Yeah I was not expecting that myself. Tried to snap a couple of shots but it was hard with the sunlight/rain through the windows. For reference from B & P:
  4. 2021 Tremor 401A at Dealer

    Saw a local dealer here had a Tremor come in yesterday so I went to see one in person for the first time. Very impressed overall, other than the 401A package on this particular one. The seats just don't do it for me. Figured I'd post some pictures on here for you all! Truck is next to an XLT...
  5. I leveled my 2021 F-150 Tremor

    Thanks! That's almost perfect with the 2.5". It looks awesome. As someone else mentioned on a previous post, planning on running a shell like I do on my current truck. I run Icons with the front coils set at about 2.63" (max recc. preload) which sat pretty level. But after a bit the shell had...
  6. I leveled my 2021 F-150 Tremor

    Looks great! Definitely thinking about a Tremor with a level + 35s. Question, whenever you get a chance what are you measuring at the wheel wells front/rear with the 2.5" level up front?
  7. TFL Truck Raptor Drive and 0-60

    Wasnt sure if anyone had posted this yet, if so please delete! Heres the TFL Offroad Drive
  8. 2021 F-150 Tremor vs Raptor side-by-side comparison pics

    With the Raptor being on 37s, Im a little surprised at the Tremor's height comparatively. This is awesome though, I think Mike Levine posted these somewhere, can't wait to see either in person.
  9. 2.5 King Coilover Reservoir and 295/70R18 Tires on 2021 FX4 Platinum

    Looks great! Do you know about how high the Kings are set, did you adjust them or get them installed out of the box? Only reason I ask, I run 2.5 Icons on my 2017 with, installed them out of the box and then adjusted them later after some rubbing off-road to about 2.63" of lift...
  10. Official Introduction

    Welcome! Stage3 has helped me with my last two f-150s and have been phenomenal with any questions about products. Looking forward to my 14th gen and will be ordering from you guys again soon! Seth
  11. Lariat Sport 502A, 2" Level, 285/65 R20 KO2s + Mods

    Thanks for the response! I've owned a couple of XLTs and manually adjusted my headlights after adding coilovers, but I'm leaning toward the Lariat with the 502a for the next truck, and I have never had fancy headlights before 😂 so I had to ask, appreciate it.
  12. Lariat Sport 502A, 2" Level, 285/65 R20 KO2s + Mods

    Looks awesome! Any issues with the auto-leveling headlights after the level and tires?