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  1. Have you bought from this store Cmyway ?

    First thing I always do is go to the “Contact Us” page. If they don’t at least have a domestic address/number, I’m out.
  2. Eibach Pro-Truck lift kit for 2021’s

    So I was on the 2015+ kits are all the same bandwagon for a while but had a conversation with a suspension vendor this week that has changed my mind. Apparently while the older kits will physically fit a 21+, the geometry is different enough that they aren’t valved correctly. The term I was told...
  3. King Shocks have stopped, or severely curtailed production?

    I wanted to clarify this, given this was a thread about Kings. Icon has specific 2021 coilovers and Kings are custom ordered so they will both be sprung/valved for a 2021. I was referring to the other brands that either don’t have a 2021 coilover or blanket list 2015+ as working. Apparently Fox...
  4. King Shocks have stopped, or severely curtailed production?

    I know this is a little out of date from the OP. But I talked to a vendor this week and Kings are now 44 weeks out. :eek:o_O I also heard they while the 2020 and earlier lifts/coilovers physically fit, due to the new geometry, are valved and sprung wrong for 21+ trucks and aren’t going to give...
  5. 34s RC Vertex - 2021 Lariat F-150 Overland Camping Build

    Wow you really pulled out all the stops on your first truck. Glad to hear the shocks are working for you.
  6. Need help deciding wheel/tires

    @Larryfl1 you’re not really giving us much to go on here. Do you dislike the way you’re current wheels look? What do you expect a new tire to do better? What type of climate do you live in? Do you want bigger and/or more aggressive tires? How much performance/comfort are you willing to...
  7. 2021 F-150 XLT Retro Build at Dealer

    This package would be sweet on a regular or x cab. To me the screw throws the whole thing off.
  8. 34s RC Vertex - 2021 Lariat F-150 Overland Camping Build

    Nice build! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this isn’t your first build?That said, how do those Vertex coilovers compare to anything else you’ve had?
  9. Why I Sold My Lariat

    Vroom offered me $38k for my 3 year old Tacoma that I bought for $38.5. Problem is in WA you have to trade in/buy from the same dealer or you lose any tax credit and end up paying full sales tax on the new vehicle. I just used the Vroom offer to leverage my deal. The dealer gave me less than...
  10. Crew Cab - 5.5 vs 6.5 box resale value

    I think this is largely a regional thing. Bigger cities and garage Parkers seem to want the 5.5. I wanted a 6.5 bed but couldn’t find one so I live with the 5.5. I think if you have a well optioned truck it may not sell for a lot more, but you’ll have less competition and a consumer group that...
  11. My 2021 F0150 Tremor Leveled

    I’m not really familiar with the Tremor suspension. How much higher are they from the factory? I know the tires are a little over 1” taller than the FX4 18s but I don’t know what you guys get for suspension lift.
  12. PSI in load range E tires?

    You don’t really ever run LT tires at max pressure. Or even half that in some cases. The higher the load rating the stiffer then tire to allow for higher pressures and heavier loads. In reality you might run a higher load range tire at a lower pressure than a lower load range. This is...
  13. Camera Speed Limit Delete

    They didn’t mention it in that article and I haven’t tried rock mode, but I read somewhere that it’ll apply brakes to the front tire that slips to make it kinda like a limited slip. Sort of like Toyota’s A-Trac system.
  14. Eibach Pro-Truck lift kit for 2021’s

    I’m really leaning toward a threaded body coilover after hearing all this. I don’t want to have to mess around a bunch to get the height I want. Especially when you take into account springs settling. I’m probably going for the Firestone lifetime alignment too.
  15. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    I don’t recall seeing any when I went through this thread…… anyone running 33x12.50r18 on the stock wheels?
  16. Eibach Pro-Truck lift kit for 2021’s

    That’s the first I’ve heard of the engine options having different struts. So if you install factory 3.5EB struts on a 5.0 you should get 3/4” of lift? That’s really going to throw off the charts for adjustable clip style strut replacements. :oops:
  17. Tire Debate, tall and skinny

    Here’s my take…. a) actually 33.5x10.6, stupid expensive at $400/tire B) actually 34.8x11.2, still about $350/tire C) Bfg is 33.2x11, Falken is 33.4x11, both reasonably priced at $275-300/tire My opinion- 17” wheels(more tire options,lower cost all around, more sidewall for off-road and in my...
  18. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    I’m super jealous of you guys that can run 17s.
  19. Camera Speed Limit Delete

    If you have an FX4 or Tremor you kinda can.
  20. No Compressor Strut Assembly

    So on my Tacoma there was a method I used of assembling the strut in the truck and basically using the LCA and a floor jack. This compressed the coil spring in place and pushed the rod up through the already in place top hat. Then you just throw the nut on and your strut is assembled. I’m not...