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  1. Should I wait until 2022 model year?

    I agree! Very early to tell. I did have an issue with my battery going dead and dealer said it had a bad cell. They replaced it and no issues since. I have about 600 miles so far, which isn't a lot, but so far I love it. I did not do the PowerBoost, for the reason it was a first year truck on...
  2. You can earn up to 42,000 FordPass points with 2021 F-150 purchase

    I'd love to hear if they can be used for anything else besides service? If they have to be used in a year, and my truck came with oil changes and service for the first year, so i'm trying to figure out how to get the $200 value. Can we get ford Merchandise? or add ons? It's a nice gift, but...
  3. 275/60/R20 BSW All Season - Brand? Huh?

    My 4WD platinum came with the Hankook Dynapro AT2.
  4. Extended Range Fuel Tank Necessity Question?

    Hands down would order 36 gallon again! I had a 50 gallon tank in my F350 - I had a range of 900 miles when not towing! I've had smaller and larger and doing it again would never go small. Some people say, "well it costs a lot to fill" It does, but it's all relative. If I drive 600 miles and...
  5. Phantom Battery Drain Issue in 2021 F-150 confirmed by Ford -- "Deep Sleep Mode" [News Article]

    Update: Got truck back from dealer after the 'phantom battery drain.' Dealer claimed it was a bad cell in the battery and they replaced it. They kept the vehcile overnight and ran tests, and said no battery drain after a full night nor anything pulling current. When I asked about the phantom...
  6. Phantom Battery Drain Issue in 2021 F-150 confirmed by Ford -- "Deep Sleep Mode" [News Article]

    Not happy about rust, but a dead vehicle that doesn't even have 250 miles on it is more disconcerting.
  7. Phantom Battery Drain Issue in 2021 F-150 confirmed by Ford -- "Deep Sleep Mode" [News Article]

    This just happened to me this morning. Drove it approx 250 miles during the week including Saturday and Sunday. Didn't drive it on Monday, and woke up this morning to dead vehicle. Can't start, lights flicker and stuck in the garage! Not good. Spent an hour trying to get roadside assistance...
  8. Antimatter Blue too dark?

    I just got mine and it is Antimatter Blue. It does look dark especially in a garage, but out in the light it's a really nice color. I like it. Very happy with it. But like dark colors, it does show the dirt! :)
  9. Front Stake Pocket Uncovering 5.5' Bed

    The four corners of each truck bed have a pocket that is about 2x4 square. These pockets are referred to as stake pockets. This will date me, but originally the size was the exact size of a wood 2x4 in which you would place a 2x4 in each pocket and then make a frame so you can add sides to your...
  10. Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    You can pay it off whenever you want. Dealer makes money if you wait 90 days. If you want to help the dealer, keep the loan for 90 days. If you don't care, pay it off as soon as you want. You don't need to wait regardless of what the Dealer says.
  11. Interior lights not working

    Then I think you may have a fuse issue. I figured out the button the console that turns both on is the one that controls the doors. Page 135 of the manual. In fact, when it's off it lights up. Center console lights work so if pushing the separte lights and they don't come on, that's an issue...
  12. Interior lights not working

    I'm trying to figure out the same thing. However, i'm sure it has to be a setting. I can push the light buttons for one or both and they go off and on just fine by pushing them. But they don't go on when you open the door.
  13. Front Stake Pocket Uncovering 5.5' Bed

    It's so odd!! the rear bed pocket is there with the covers. The Front ones are covered. from inside the bed it looks like there is a stake pocket beneath, but their is no bed pocket cover from the top. You would have to cut the plastic to access it. I'm still trying to figure out why they did...
  14. Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    I have perfect credit and Ford gave me 6.79% - to me that was a slap in the face. But I took it for the $1,000 off!! Within 30 days, i'll pay it down to two payments, then pay those over the remaining 60 days so dealer is happy and I'm happy. Win win.
  15. How Long Are You In "Production"

    Mine originally told me my build date was the 24th of January. Ended up being built on the 25th. It was shipped on the 27th and arrived at the dealer on February 6th. Came by rail and was 3/4 accross the US. in 11 days only. The original shipping estimate said it would be February 20th, so...
  16. Do's and Don'ts of breaking in a new truck

    Here's my two bits: According to the new 2021 Manual (Page 430 for break in): The Tires need approximatley 300 miles of break in. Avoid heavy use of the brakes and clutch if possible during the first 100 miles in town and for a 1,000 miles on freeways. No snowplowing for first 500 miles. No...
  17. 2021 F-150 Production Cut Due to Chip Shortage

    Looks like I may have to live in my truck! ;)
  18. Ford navigation will be powered by Google Android Auto starting 2023

    Any idea if this means that in 2023 there will be an over the air update to change to the Android system? Or in two years Sync 4 will no longer be supported, updated and we're stuck with a 12" screen on the old sync system. Which is kind of what happend on 2011.
  19. Could my dealer be right, even if Fordtracker and have no build date?

    Yes, the dealer has a system that is more responsive than the on-line tracker. Go with the dealer.