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  1. Jus Cruisin

    Exterior door lock buttons

    You've got keyless entry on the door. Poor excuse. In fact back when you actually used a key to start vehicles. I would take a an extra key and grind it down so it was hard to tell it was in the ignition and leave it in the ignition all the time and just use keyless entry to get in my Lincolns...
  2. Jus Cruisin

    Worth the wait?

    I'm probably in the minority. I'm not all giddy about the truck. I wasn't about to order one with all the delays. I got in the mood to swap my 2019 Ram 1500 Limited and found an acceptable 2021 f150 Platinum Powerboost within a day or so and it was in my garage before the week was over. No...
  3. Jus Cruisin

    Remote start and climate control/heated seats

    The heated seats only turn on below a certain temperature. Not sure exactly what that is some where around 38°
  4. Jus Cruisin

    “Bubble” on instrument cluster?

    Powerboost, no bubble..... At this point anyway
  5. Jus Cruisin

    Fit and finish?

    I haven't decided if Sync 4 or Uconnect is best. Rear seating is a Ram win (heated/ventalated and reclining) and it is used in my truck a lot. I like the landscape orientation of the screen better. More leather in the Ram. And, it is more difficult for my mother in law to get in and out of...
  6. Jus Cruisin

    What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I ordered a Dongar Technologies 16 pin connector for the rear view mirror yesterday. Hoping it actually works as advertised and it'll power my dashcam.
  7. Jus Cruisin

    Fit and finish?

    Ford - North American truck of the year. NACTOY Ram- Motor Trend truck of the year. I still give the nod to Ram for best interior. Ford is close but still didn't catch Ram.
  8. Jus Cruisin

    Fit and finish?

    I'm satisfied with the fit and finish of mine. Just as good as the 2019 Ram 1500 Limited I just traded. Ram didn't win luxury "car" of the year for nothing.
  9. Jus Cruisin

    Replacing OEM lug nuts to avoid future swelling

    The Ford OEM's still 2 piece?
  10. Jus Cruisin

    Paint the tailgate on a Platinum?

    Not bad at all. Now you need to tint the white tail and third taillights
  11. Jus Cruisin

    3.5 Power-boost vs Reg 3.5EB

    Ha..... You MIGHT not have the choice.
  12. Jus Cruisin

    Paint the tailgate on a Platinum?

    You know you have something there. By the way, the 50's and 60's were some of the best years of my life.
  13. Jus Cruisin

    Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    1. In Michigan the owner gets the title with or without a lien. I don't know what NC does. I received my title within 2 weeks of purchase showing FMCC as the lien holder. 2. First statement from FMCC came Monday with a normal payment amount and a payoff amount good through 3/20. Check's in...
  14. Jus Cruisin

    3.5 Power-boost vs Reg 3.5EB

    There's virtually no turbo lag with those dinky turbos. Had one in 2016.
  15. Jus Cruisin

    Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    GM and Ram are really battling to become #2 in truck sales. They are funding that quest to try and get non-loyal buyers in their trucks. Ram has had their current generation out for 2 years and GM for 1. Neither had giveaway financing when their current generation hit the showrooms. If I...
  16. Jus Cruisin

    Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    I used FMCC to get the $1,000 rebate. Just got my first statement and a check for the payoff is in the envelope. The net actual rebate to me was $832 after the interest to pay it off was deducted. Still a win for me. First vehicle I've "financed" in maybe 20 years.
  17. Jus Cruisin

    3.5 Power-boost vs Reg 3.5EB

    Do YOU want to own a hybrid or not? That is the question. Same engine....
  18. Jus Cruisin

    Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    I doubt it. I wish Eco and Normal were next to each other and towing was at the end.
  19. Jus Cruisin

    2021 F150 Grills

    And I wish the brushed area WAS chrome. ;)