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  1. About done with Ford (Paint Peeling)

    I just got my driver window switch replaced under warranty 2 years in they said it’s a very common maintenance item seen up here, my passenger rear window was stuck down and I had to short two wires with a multimeter to get it back up while we waited for parts
  2. About done with Ford (Paint Peeling)

    Echoing the above - the only time I have ever seen ford paint issues addressed is if you catch it BEFORE you take delivery
  3. 5.0 Club

    Speaking of 5.0, I always had a resonance at 3300 ish RPM, since I switched from motorcrap oil to my old faithful Mobil 1 it is 80-90% gone!
  4. 5.0 Club

    That’s bad ass man
  5. 5.0 Club

    Add me to the stealth 5.0 list, no not the highest trim but man shes light and screams like a bat out of hell 2021 raptor wheels and 285/70’s are on order
  6. Fox 2.0 Coilovers installed -- review and photos

    Slick look in truck buddy thanks, in my opinion grey is the best color
  7. Fox 2.0 Coilovers installed -- review and photos

    Hank did you have any issues with rubbing before the level? I just ordered a set of 285-70-17 to replace my original 265-70-17 I do not have a level yet so hoping they fit decently we have very similar trucks thanks!
  8. Service tech's reactions to silent dtc when caused by modification

    I have had zero issues, in fact they were impressed my crappy XLT had a heated steering wheel activated by the 8" screen :cool: If they are doing maintenance on an item completely unrelated just give them a heads up as Bob is saying above
  9. 5L vs 3.5L?

    Yeah i was very surprised too. This is the second Ram he has had that pissed oil everywhere, the first was an 3.0 eco diesel self destructing model.
  10. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    awesome when you start getting some winter weather definitely post an update on how it's going. I'm going to start a build thread as well once i get moving!
  11. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    how is the road noise on those? i was looking at those as well but was able to get the BFG's on sale for black friday
  12. So we have 6 switches in the overhead console....

    you forgot battle short
  13. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    You inspired me dude i ordered my tires today, i do alot of highway driving so got 285/70R17's and i will be putting them on the same rims that you've got i watched a bunch of videos and the trail terrain are really highly rated for snow service
  14. Push to start retrofit?

    my opinion only but i really prefer the keyed ignition. i believe you will need additional modules like the proximity sensor and that, but i do not know for sure
  15. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    Man your photos are unreal! I think you have me convinced man i have had the stock crappy 17” wheels on my truck for 3 years it’s time for a facelift! people have been saying you can fit 285/70’s without a lift so I have been thinking that will be my interim step to full glory of a levelled truck
  16. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    your setup looks unreal man great job! i'm strongly considering a set of raptor wheel takeoffs on ebay and wearing out my current factory 17" tires and then upgrading with a level so i can fit larger wheels like you
  17. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    man buddy those wheels are really sharp, i have been looking for something to upgrade my carbonized grey supercab and these i think are perfect. i may have missed it but did you do a front level? the size i am targeting is 285-70-17
  18. 5.0 oil pump belt

    good thing it's not an interference engine :cool: i replaced mine with a cloyes chain 20 years ago and still going strong
  19. 5L vs 3.5L?

    that's actually exactly my setup, a light-ish (supercab) 5.0 with 3.73. Tows up and down mountains no issue whatsoever and does not overheat. my buddy on the other hand had a gorgeous brand new 2022 ram 1500 sport with hemi whose transmission basically almost fell out trying to tow a 6,000 lb...
  20. 2023 Carbonized Gray RCSB on 2" Bilstein lift and Tremor wheels/tires

    Hey man looks wicked what size wheels did you put on the stock 17"? Did you get a level or drop the rear? looks wicked dude I want to get this exact tire setup for my supercab