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  1. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    Whats special about the F150 that mudflaps wouldnt be needed vs other vehicles? All trucks should have them on the rear at least. Helps with not throwing rocks at vehicles behind you. I have them in front as well to keep mud/snow/slush/salt off the side of my truck.
  2. 20 MPG Club

    I am. Just made a round trip from NE ohio to middle of WV. Avg 20.6 for the trip. That includes idle time, mountains, etc. I also only drive in sport mode. Yes, long highway trip. I set cruise at 73 mph in the 70 zone. That is the limit before mph goes south. Seems to be optimal...
  3. Mandated kill switchs in trucks for 2026

    My kids had no electronics growing up. They didnt get a cell phone until they started driving. Kids need to be kids.
  4. Rear end order option 8.8 or 9.75

    This is exactly why you NEVER underspec. Who knows what wil change in the future? The 9.75 is better in every way. There is no good reason why you shouldnt order it. Not 1 valid reason to go with 8.8.
  5. Rear end order option 8.8 or 9.75

    Why would you want a less-beefier rear end? Who knows what will happen in the future, he may get into different things. There is never a good reason to underspec. The 9.75 is better in every way. MPG wont even be noticable.
  6. Spare Tire orientation

    I have the exact same spare as the other 4. Just had to check the LT tire option. Plus the spare is the same overall size. Smaller lighter rim to save weight. Thank the feds for that, not Ford.
  7. Using the Trans for Engine Braking?

    No reason to drop.....just take your foot off the gas. No reason to brake either. Up and down hills all the time. Just coast. The tranny downshifts on its own
  8. Are skinnier snow tires OK?

    Ok? You want skinnier tires for snow. Wide tires are the worst possible snow tire
  9. Ford and UAW Reach Agreement

    Not by me. UAW is trash. I didnt hear anything about producing a better product, just more $$ and more time off for the same shit work. ......and people will be shocked by the '24 price increases.
  10. Call me old fashioned.....

    Yeah, when I ordered in 2022, Ford paid me $50 not to install it. That means I got the snow plow prep package for free, since that was also $50. Got a cool switch on dash and bigger alternator for $0. I was also able to order LT tire option for like $250....got General Grabbers. 5 of them...
  11. Can’t get Sirius XM to go away

    I pay 4.99/mo. for XM. Thats what i like about XM...i dont have to create a list. Whichs means i hear songs I normally wouldnt. Found some new bands to follow this way.
  12. Call me old fashioned.....

    I do not have auto start/stop. Ford paid be not to install it. I also do not have rear seat belt alarms. And the basic xl does not have the reverse sensing, auto highbeems, pre-collision alert, post collision braking. At least in 22 and 23. Had to order the 101 package for all that...
  13. Call me old fashioned.....

    Doesnt sound like you bought the simple truck.... I ordered my 22 RCSB so i can get what i want/need. And not pay for anything else. I started with XLT, but soon learned i could not get rid of that 360 crap. So XL it was.
  14. 5.0 V8 towing test video

    Yup. Coyote loves rpms. My 22 RCSB.....sport mode. Floor it....shift point is right near 6750 RPM. Coyote really comes alive at 4000 RPM.
  15. New tire recommendations

    You have 63k miles on a 22????? Holycrap.
  16. How long do you plan on keeping your truck?

    Mid 70's to mid 80's was the dark years for the US Auto industry. I remember my parents buying a brand new 1976 dodge. It was rusted so bad after 3 years it had to be scrapped. They bought a new 1979 Monte Carlo to replace that . 3 months in, the ashtray falls off from the lower dash. It...
  17. Hoping the Big3 and UAW can work together to avoid a strike [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS, NO INSULTS]

    Unions are literally communist. Everyone makes the same money. No incentive to try harder, do more, or be better than the guy next to you. I would rather work harder and be better than the guy next to me and make more money than him. I also do not want some guy I do not know or ever met...
  18. Hoping the Big3 and UAW can work together to avoid a strike [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS, NO INSULTS]

    They didnt except 30% from Ford. They union is just being stupid at this point.