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  1. New Kicker prefab enclosures for F150 at SEMA

    They used my truck as a mock up, but Kicker is releasing an affordable enclosure for F150/F250's. Comes in dual 10" subs, the GM/Silverado will come with 12" subs Made for Ford, GM and Ram. Here it is, and inside my truck. The one pictured is an R&D sample, the plates will be carpeted on final...
  2. Oklahoma 2021=up 2" Readylift pucks

    Took off truck, and did a complete Eibach coil over setup. In great shape. $110.00 shipped in lower 48
  3. F150....widebody??

    Ok, local dealer has this, I had to look...what the.....$130K....we've gone too far with modding LOL Dealers trying to be unique...but...
  4. Oklahoma Sold: New Morimoto RED taillights

    These are brand new, installed and took off. All factory boxed up. My truck must be super picky, it hyperflashed with these, the smoked versions, as well as the Alpharex LED tails. Some have had zero issues. Dunno, don't want to chase a rabbit or use Forscan to turn off "bulb out" message. Will...
  5. Oklahoma 2021 STX steering wheel

    I traded out for the leather XLT. So have this sitting. Truck only has 17K miles, so no wear. $50 shipped in lower 48.
  6. Oklahoma Sold: New Xb 3rd brake light

    Brand new, never installed. Opened, and looked at. Not my style sadly. My loss is your gain. Morimoto new 3rd brake light. $140 shipped in lower 48.
  7. Oklahoma Sold: Nitto 295/60/20 and Fuel wheels

    Changing it up. For sale are the wheels on my truck now. Tires are here, new rims will be here Thursday. These were out on in Feb 2022, but have maybe 10-12k. Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/60/20 Fuel Tech anthracite rims in a 20x9 with +20 offset. Black Gorilla lugs and TMPS installed Wheels are...
  8. Audio system goin in!

    Special thanks to Don and the team from @SoundsGoodStereo for all their help! I'm leaving for work tomorrow at 7am for a week, and when I get back...all my audio will be in. Two great installers will be taking over the task. I received from SoundsgoodStereo their base audio wiring harness, and...
  9. Oklahoma Sold: BNIB Eibach 2WD Level coil overs

    Brand new in the box, changing directions. Never installed. Valve by Matt from Eibach. For '21 up 2WD F150's. $500 shipped in lower 48
  10. Fordpass Deep Sleep mode/dark interior lights

    Ok, so been having a small issue for a couple weeks since I left truck at airport for 8 days while in Mexico. Landed back home, went to remote start truck and was in Deep Sleep mode on Fordpass. Ok, went out, all inside was dead. Truck started, let warm up for 10-15 minutes. Drove home, no...
  11. Oklahoma Sold: Alpharex for Halogen truck

    Ok, these will probably need to have Forscan to turn rear bulb indicator off. I installed added resistors, and they hyperflash as is. My loss. If your keen on Forscan and have factory halogens, here you go. Saving for Morimoto $200 shipped in lower 48
  12. Black and ceramic coating!

    Bought wife a new 2022 Toyota Highlander, first time owning a black car since 1988. So got it ceramic coated this weekend to make cleaning easier...turned out super nice. He said touchless car wash and a leaf blower, drying will be easier, as well as the wheels! anyone do their black trucks?
  13. Oklahoma Sold: BadgeKing badges

    Removed STX badge and added Badge King emblems, went back to OEM. These are held in place by glue, but one is perfect, second isn't as good. $100 shipped lower 48
  14. Oklahoma Sold: Alpharex LEDs Taillights for Halogen truck LOWERED price!

    Ordered these, got them in, and put them in. LOVE the way they look. But on day one, had Hyperflash. So immediatly took back out and boxed back into original packaging. Tech for Alpharex stated needed another resistor, which kit already has one, but they are mailing me another. Will add to...
  15. Ok, new mod! Painted door handle covers 🎨

    I have the '21 STX, so it has the crummy textured black plastic handles. So I've seen the cheaper Ebay and Amazon covers, just to cover them up. I've also seen the $399 to $499, complete painted OEM cover/handles. So I did some research, started in Jan or so, and a company called Trim Illusions...
  16. Anyone have a Readylift SST 3.5?

    Looking for feedback, and what size tires are you running? Looking to see cab height, for garage door :) Thanks in advance
  17. Oklahoma Sold: Nitto Ridge Grappler

    295/60/20, brand new, set of 4. When I got mine, picked up a second set, long story. Ordered one set, they said 3 weeks, ok...ordered another company, got sooner...and never cancelled first order. So I have four. Picked up, or can meet semi local. $1600 obo.
  18. Oklahoma Sold: 2021 Halogen headlights with LEDS

    Replaced my factory halogens and need to move these. Truck only had 7700 miles, and comes with F150leds.com Lows and Highs, alone they are $299 sell for $500 shipped in lower 48
  19. Oklahoma Sold: MTI enclosure

    Its a stage 2, with black carpet on top, black vinyl on front, stitched. Made for two Kicker L7T thin woofers. Its brand new, cannot ship. Oklahoma area. Can meet if semi close. New they are $1000, sell for $800
  20. Rear mud flap..

    I cant find it, someone did a small change to remove the rear mud flat, in front of the rear tires, with another Ford OEM cap...who did that? LOL