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  1. How to clean dried mud off textured interior plastic?

    Take a medium size paint brush and cut the bristles off to half an inch or so. Then use that to rub dirt etc. out of texturing. An old guy that details cars showed me this trick to get wax residue off the black plastic trim with the texturing. Basically a giant tooth brush with softer but...
  2. 5.0 Club

    Other than checking the oil when I first got it to make sure it wasn't an oil burner I've been under the hood maybe twice to put some window washer in. It will be 2 years old in February and it has 18,000 miles on it now. I should mention the dealership raises the hood when they change the...
  3. 5.0 Club

    I still haven't remembered to look to see if my air cleaner has that..... One of these days I'm going to bust out the grinder and get rid of the welds holding my hood shut!;)
  4. (General Automotive) Brand new Chevy and GM trucks at wrecking yard

    Just the way of business sadly. They (cars/trucks) mean a lot to us as individuals, because of the cost and the way that vehicles are ingrained into our way of life. In reality though it's just another product put out by a company. More complicated than say a bicycle but still just a...
  5. (General Automotive) Brand new Chevy and GM trucks at wrecking yard

    Don't know how it is these days but when I worked in the small Mitsubishi factory and there were cars that were sent out to be destroyed all the fluids etc. had to be removed by us first. Then someone had to go with the cars to the scrap yard to witness them being destroyed with all parts...
  6. Steering Wheel on the CORRECT side Club

    Do they put the map of Detroit on the door panels in that model? Factory conversion or a custom shop?
  7. new sync weirdness

    That might work for the average person.... Think >>>> Idiot here<<<< I still haven't figured out all the nuances of the presets nor how to program them right. I was happy just scrolling through the 6 or so stations I had programmed somehow...... until I couldn't :( Sometimes I think it's...
  8. new sync weirdness

    That's what it does. And apparently I'm an idiot because I still haven't figured out how to set the presets right and what the difference even is with that setting of how many pages of presets.
  9. new sync weirdness

    Can't help you with that. I thought a phone just connected through bluetooth. I still can't figure out my presets on the radio. I swear it used to loop through them on my steering wheel buttons but all of a sudden I'm getting channel not available. And when I get to those it won't loop to...
  10. Official GEN-14 Taco Tuesday Thread

    And it looks like it prefers brunettes......
  11. Widebody 2023 F-150

    It hasn't changed a whole lot I'll bet since you were there.
  12. Widebody 2023 F-150

    I was in Galesburg IL the other day and there was an older ranger coming at me and they were either in the process or had given up finishing a wide kit on it but it was probably one of the stupidest things I had ever seen especially with the small normal tires on it. I wish I had taken a...
  13. Adaptive Cruise Control Issue

    thought the adaptive cruise also had something to do with the radar in the middle of the bumper? Camera is for lane centering and sign reading.
  14. this little flucking guy almost bite me this morning

    I guess there is something to be said about the cold Illinois winters.......Keeps a lot of those further south.
  15. black bar safety message on screen with tailgate camera view going down the road

    I should have made part two of my question clearer. I don't have forscan or any of it's components. All I know is some of the stuff I've seen people talk about changing settings on their truck with it. Is it an item plugged into the obd and requires a program to change stuff? I'm assuming...
  16. black bar safety message on screen with tailgate camera view going down the road

    Is there an easy way to get rid of this or do I need to go down the rabbit hole of forscan? If that's the case what does that entail and or cost? I never figured to mess with that but last couple of weekends I've pulled a small utility trailer and it was nice to keep an eye on stuff when...
  17. Horn is going dead

    give it a couple of good raps with a piece of wood/hammer. can't hurt.
  18. The single cab club!

    Didn't we go over all this 2 years ago?? lol
  19. 4% Under Invoice on any 2024 F-150 Order at Granger Ford

    geesh I heard the kissing sounds clear over here in Illinois........
  20. Odd Gas Mileage on Trip

    Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. Maybe a tank of bad gas? Even your regular station can get a different batch.