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  1. Do or Do Not --- Livernois Powerboost add-on?

    Thanks, good to know 👍 I'll keep this in mind 👍
  2. Joined the club! 2021 F150 Platinum

    Welcome, nice truck 😎
  3. Swapping shoes

    How much are you asking for the old Ford rims? I'm looking for some winter rims. I have to take my Vossens off for the winter.
  4. Want to lower my truck, but is this correct?

    That is a beautiful leveling job. I'd love to get mine like yours. May I ask how did the leveling set you back. I really like your color. 😊
  5. First F-150!

    Beautiful truck, welcome 👍
  6. New to the Ford world

  7. RAMCharger has been announced. The Hybrid Ford should be building.....

    Yeah, it is rather tempting. Is it not? 🤔
  8. Silver sharpie mod.

    Looks very cool 😁
  9. Newbie here!

  10. Bed lights aren't working!

    My dealership is West HERR Ford of Rochester 4545 W. Ridge Road Rochester NY, Vin # 1FTFW1ED6PFA02563
  11. Bed lights aren't working!

    Thanks, and congrats on the new truck. I started my truck, and let it run until the ICE kicked off. I then turned on all of the zone lighting. It has worked well ever since. 🤪