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  1. Anti-Rust Coating for Shocks

    Does anyone have any suggestions for anti-rust coatings for shocks? I've heard that Bilstein shocks do not fare well in the rust belt and with winter just around the corner, I want to do what I can to prevent rusting. I'd prefer not to use something like fluid film, surface shield or woolwax...
  2. Reflector LED to Projector LED Headlights

    After a bit of reading, I realized that converting from LED reflector to LED projector headlights, while maintaining all of the projectors original functionality (such as cornering and auto leveling), is quite involved and requires numerous additional parts. Does anyone know if a conversion...
  3. I Screwed Up

    So I installed some new Tremor LED tail lights this morning and the physical installation went smoothly. I was not so fortunate on the forscan front however. The instructions only provided values for the as built format. I went into the BCM and made the first two changes without issue. The third...
  4. Disable Active Air Dam via Forscan

    Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the active air dam via Forscan? If so, I would like to do this for the winter to prevent it from being damaged or torn off by the snow.
  5. TPMS Problem

    I purchased a set of what I thought to be genuine TPMS 68 sensors for my new wheels and tires from a vendor who I've purchased multiple sets for other vehicles in the past from without a problem. Unfortunately, I cannot get the truck to recognize the new sensors when its in learning mode with...
  6. Front Strut Mounting Problem

    So I finally got around to installing the Ford Performance front struts today, but I just ran into a problem. When I install the strut the only way it goes in on the top, the bar pin at the bottom is 90 degrees out of alignment. Is this something that will require the spring to be compressed and...
  7. Transmission Clunk

    I've recently noticed that if I take my foot off the brake and allow the truck to slowly roll down a hill I consistently get a transmission cluck and a substantial jolt inside the vehicle. This usually occurs on the same section of road that gets backed up on my way home from work. Is this...
  8. 5.0 Oil Filter Inspection at 2,300 Miles (5.0L)

    Out of curiosity, I decided to replace and inspect my oil filter after the first 2,300 miles on the truck. I felt it was too early for a complete oil change, but I wanted to have a look to see how things were going. After opening it up, I was pleased to find only the expected sparkles from...
  9. Adding Auto Wipers

    I know that many are not a fan of the auto wipers on the F150's. However, since the stalk for them will be included with the SCCM that I will be purchasing for the heated steering wheel upgrade, I was wondering what else would be required to add them. From what I can tell, I will definitely need...
  10. My Truck Thinks it's a Plug In Hybrid

    Recently, I've found myself needing to charge the battery on my 5.0 more frequently to avoid the deep sleep notifications in Ford Pass. Are others experiencing this as well? Could it be due to receiving new updates? Usage hasn't changed so just wondering what could be causing this.
  11. Missing Wheel Well Parts

    While replacing my incandescent front turn signal bulbs with led bulbs earlier this morning, I found a couple of oddities. First, when I was folding back the drivers side wheel well liner, a mystery nut fell out. Then, when I moved to the passenger side, I noticed there wasn't a 7mm screw on the...
  12. Scam Website Alert

    I wanted to share this so it will hopefully not happen to others in our community. I recently ordered a set of wheels from MBGram / MBenzGram.com for my 2023 F150. While not familiar with the company, they were prominently advertised on Google and their prices were slightly lower than competing...
  13. B Pillar Scratches and Swirls - how to fix?

    It appears that the detailer at the dealership hit the piano black B pillars with the buffer when my truck was getting prepped. Most of the time you can't notice it but in certain lighting, they look terrible. Is there any way to fix this without replacing the panels?
  14. Lamin-X Film for Tail Lights - anyone installed?

    Has anyone had Lamin-X film installed over their tail lights and if so, how did you like the results? Also, can it be installed over the BLIS modules without a problem? Ideally, I would like to add the Tremor LED tails, but I just cannot justify the cost.
  15. FORScan Laptop

    I'm am looking to purchase an inexpensive laptop to use for FORScan changes. Does anyone have any suggestions or features that I should look for?
  16. BAKFlip F1 or Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover - reviews / experience?

    Does anyone have experience with the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover? I searched and didn't come up with much. Online reviews seem mixed with the negative ones sighting durability issues with parts over time. Would something like the hard roll up Revolver X4s be a better choice?
  17. Order Tracking Error

    Is anyone else receiving the error below when trying to use the Ford order tracking website? We're sorry. We are unable to process this Order. Please enter a valid Ford Order/VIN. Edit - Never mind it appears to be working again.
  18. 1/23 Incentive for 2022 F150's

    I saw this morning that Ford is now offering 0% for 36 months plus $1000 customer cash for most remaining 2022 F150's if you take delivery on or before 1/31/23 (excludes Raptor, SuperCrew Tremor and SuperCrew Lightning).
  19. Infinity Kappa Passive 3 Way Front Stage

    Has anyone with the factory 7 speaker system upgraded to Infinity Kappa components with 6.5" and 3"midrange speakers in the front doors, and 3/4" tweeters in the A pillars using their passive crossover's 3 way function? If so, how do you like the results and what kind of amplification are you...
  20. Aftermarket Speaker Choices

    For those who have, or are looking to upgrade the factory speakers without adding an amp, are Kicker KS, Infinity Reference or another option the best choice?