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  1. 14-20 Fox 2.0 Leveling Lift Kit installed on 2022 PowerBoost F-150

    Sorry for the off topic post, but would you mind sharing what make and model wheels those are?
  2. Factory Vinyl Wraps Program Announced For F-150

    This sounds cool. Can’t wait to see orders with the wraps get that feature deleted due to the chip shortage.
  3. New Tires (and Wheels) Advice for '22 Limited on 22s

    Thanks. I think 20” wheels are the answer. Now, where to browse options?
  4. Wireless Charger Changed for 2023?

    It’s not a dumb question at all. No, this issue occurs regardless of the phone’s charge level.
  5. Are there good road tires?

    Excellent! That is what I need. Now if I can just get my local Discount Tire to respond. Already talked to them about this and I’ve tried twice to follow up but they don’t get back to me.
  6. Are there good road tires?

    There’s apparently Defender LTX MS2s out now. I’m trying to find them in my size (22).
  7. Wireless Charger Changed for 2023?

    My 22 PB wireless charger just charges for a few minutes and then stops altogether. If I move the phone a little it starts again, then same thing, stops on its own. Does anyone else have this issue and have you found a solution? I don’t mind if it just holds the current charge or charges slowly...
  8. New Tires (and Wheels) Advice for '22 Limited on 22s

    Just giving this thread a lil bump in case people have started thinking about winter and tires. So far my research is leading me in circles. I keep coming back to the BFG K02, Falken WildPeak AT3W and Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S. I start thinking I found my tires and then see a horrible review and...
  9. Polaris ranger accessories

    This is hilarious.
  10. New Tires (and Wheels) Advice for '22 Limited on 22s

    I forgot to mention, it's a Powerboost. Not sure if that changes anything in terms of tire choice.
  11. New Tires (and Wheels) Advice for '22 Limited on 22s

    Howdy All, First off let me say that I've learned a lot from this forum in the short time that I've known about it. Please assume that I know close to nothing, as this is my first truck, so also please excuse any stupid questions because, well... this is my first truck. That being said, I...
  12. BlueCruise 1.0 thoughts after first long distance use

    How long is the subscription that comes with a new vehicle, and what happens when it ends, does that mean adaptive cruise control goes bye bye too?
  13. F-150 Production Paused (Now Restarted) Due to Door Handle Shortage

    New deleted feature! They reduce the sticker price by $25 and your new truck comes without door handles.
  14. MY23 Deleted Features

    Sounds like some features are coming back: auto start/stop (which almost nobody wants), multi-contour seats (yay!) and… any others? I saw somewhere on the forum that power tailgates might be removed however. Anyone with current orders or builds willing to share?
  15. MY23 Deleted Features

    I’m close to giving up on the 2023s reinstating at least enough features that they’re equal to the 2022s. No hope of them being as fully loaded as the 2021s. What a backward world we live in where the newer the truck the fewer the features.
  16. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    Of all Deleted Features to add back, they choose the one nobody wants in the first place…
  17. Recall Issue: Windshield Wipers Motor May Fail on 2021 F-150 (222,454 vehicles affected)

    They’ve confirmed the wiper motor needing to be replaced on mine, and now the arm is subject to breaking?! Do they even test this stuff beforehand?
  18. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Those of you getting info on your orders, please consider updating this thread on any deleted features you’re seeing on your build. Helps those of us considering ordering keep track of what features are currently being deleted or added back. Thank you.
  19. Heated Steering Wheels Are Back?

    Anyone getting the bed camera or advanced security pack back?
  20. MY23 Deleted Features

    That would be welcome news if deleted features are being added back. Could you please give us a definitive list of deleted features from your build? Is the bed camera and security pack back?