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  1. Advanced automated driving being tested using an F-150

    Here's an article discussing how researchers are using an F150 to test out computer-assisted driving that can react to unusual situations (debris in roadway, work zones, emergency vehicles, etc.). I find it interesting that they seem to be adding cameras and other sensors (that looks like a gps...
  2. Spring break in Charleston SC by way of towing 6500 lb travel trailer 500+ miles with 2022 PowerBoost F-150

    Last week, we pulled the 6500 lb travel trailer the 500+ miles from Northern Virginia down to Charleston, SC for spring break with the Powerboost. We started out on Friday (3/31) after the kids got out of school, and got a few hours of driving under our belt before stopping for the night at...
  3. Strange fuel pricing at Sheetz

    Sheetz gas stations are apparently offering some type of strange deal where Regular (87 octane) gas is their most expensive offering. Now is your chance to get a good deal on premium gas if you have a Sheetz nearby. I couldn’t find any information online about this, so I don’t know how long...
  4. Video tour of the Lightning factory

    This is not me, but I just stumbled upon it on youtube this evening. This appears to be similar in many ways to the manufacturing process of the ICE version of the F-150 that I saw when I toured the Dearborn Truck Plant back in October.