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  1. Maybe a dumb question about windshield replacement

    The auto glass shop tried to fill a 1 inch crack caused by a chip from a rock hit, but there was more glare from sunlight from that spot in my line of sight so the windshield was replaced. State Farm paid for Ford OEM glass which includes some sort of camera calibration.
  2. Factory Vinyl Wraps Program Announced For F-150

    Cybertruck is a blank slate, desperate for wrapping, at least to hide greasy fingerprints.
  3. Entering Maintenance info into FordPass. Why has that feature been removed ?

    Interesting, FordPass works for Adding a record, but Ford.com has a problem when doing an add:
  4. No GPS signal after APIM update

    Check out this Lightning that got a fix by replacing a cable splitter in path to satellite antenna: "...problem was in the pathway to the satellite antenna. In short, a less that $50 cable splitter that apparently has a resistor/circuit board in it. They simply ordered the part, testing was...
  5. First of Many electric vehcile woe stories?

    As for 250A service, at 240V, one would have 60kW available, but should only use 48kW (80%) of that, I think. Dang, need a heated garage and I would expect less than 50% of quoted range for an EV running around in that temperature. Wait for Mr. Fusion to be available!
  6. First of Many electric vehcile woe stories?

    Not sure of any 80% rule for space in a Main Panel. I think the 80% rule is the amount of continuous load you can put on a circuit breaker. So for a 50A circuit breaker, one can only go up to a 40A EVSE (electric vehicle service equipment, usually just a on-off relay talking to the vehicle).
  7. Not much air blowing out of far left AC vent?

    2022 Lightning left side is weak in my XLT model. And I do not like the chill on my fingers from the vent right of the steering wheel. Maybe that is why Blue Cruise is offered, to avoid hands on the steering?!
  8. Competition Leak: 2024 Tacoma Official First Image Discovered

    I cannot stop seeing "Taco Ma"! Mom would ask, "Flour or corn?" Avocado would be a good color palette to choose from.
  9. Ford Streaming trial expiring - What is Ford Streaming?

    Without paying for Ford Streaming, Alexa works for asking to navigate using Ford Nav, but not getting Amazon music. I do not have unlimited cell, so I use AT&T $200/yr hotspot to my Android. Paying $5.99+fees+tax to SiriusXM=$8.49/mo for those channels, but I should just use Pandora on...
  10. Loud pop followed by static

    I saw that a Lightning owner reported a loud pop as well. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/my-quality-issues.11782/
  11. Bait and switch?

    I am in same boat. Also, they showed Memory for drivers 8-way seat for standard XLT Lightning in the Build & Price pages details when I ordered, so I assumed 10-way seats of 312A package would have them as well. But I am not seeing Memory for seats in any XLT builds showing up on Youtube...
  12. Charge in motion

    Airstream concept of powered travel trailer that could be incorporated in other trailering: https://www.airstream.com/air-lab/concepts/estream/ "Driving: Leading-Edge Aerodynamics, Unparalleled Safety and Performance With a full powertrain integrated into the chassis, the eStream works hand in...
  13. Bidirectional Charging / V2H / Solar when grid is down.

    Says here that Tesla Powerwalls can operate, store solar, while off-grid. https://www.sesre.com/tesla-powerwall-off-grid-compatible/ I would think the same would apply for a EV battery backup. Hopefully someone else will have a definitive answer.
  14. Confirmed Lightning "Scheduled for Production" dates?

    Thank you for the insights on how to sort the spreadsheet! I see approximately on your orders spreadsheet: wave #1 Jan 6-19, 34 production dates of 115 ordered or 29.5% wave #2 Jan 20-Feb 2, 27 production dates of 78 ordered or 34.6% wave #3 Feb 3-16, 13 production dates of 82 ordered or...
  15. SunRun Price for Charger and Home Integration System Installation

    If the equipment and installation price is right, having the house power fed from the EV during peak charge times (4-9p) would be sweet beyond emergency backup. However, beyond costs, one needs to maintain that automatic transfer switch for reliably working everyday. Payback seems long. And...
  16. Lighting F150 Spotted w/ Sport Bar, Window Deflectors, Mudflaps

    Maybe it was used in rollover safety testing and the one flap came off! Can the model be determined? No glass roof? Looks like sliding rear window opening? Does the XLT 312A package get that? Running board looks fancy?
  17. Confirmed Lightning "Scheduled for Production" dates?

    -wish a copy of the sheet could be made for easier sorting? -the sheet logo gets in the way of cells B1 to D3. -also, i see an order not on spreadsheet?: PA Lightning, First Name: Tbone; Joined: May 27, 2021 Messages 128; Reaction score 132; Location PA Vehicles...
  18. Ideas for camping shells and camping items (some 120Vac) for Lightning?

    Thinking about western US camping. What are the best ideas for a camper shell (topper, cap) and camping equipment to carry for short/long camping trips? $3000? Shells seem to be less than 200# vs. getting a heavy slide in camper or pulling a trailer. Secure enough? Drop down front window in...
  19. XLT Standard Scheduled for Production!!!!!!!

    When do you see your VIN after being scheduled for production?
  20. Wave 1 Lightning Orders - Granger Ford

    In the 30 page dealer guide for converting reservations to orders, it shows on page 14 that Platinum & Lariats are due in the Summer 2022, while XLTs are Fall 2022, and Pro Fall 2023! I wonder if this is fairly accurate since announcing a speed up in production. I worry about getting the Fed...