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  1. Tow / Haul mode question

    I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the truck and it towing performance , it was light years better then the last truck . I was coming off rogers pass, western Canadians will know it. Big mountain steep slopes. There was construction on road so I was going slower then normal , and...
  2. Murdered cat under the dash….

    I picked up my truck in a snow storm… and now that it is starting to get out of the deep freeze and above freezing in Canada, I actually turned on the cool seats today and the the fan that blows the cool air sound like a cat in heat or murdered … I guess back to the dealer I go …l
  3. Installed BAKflip f1 tri fold

    This is my first ford but on my last truck I had a BAKflip mx4 and did not have the issue. on the ford I seem to be getting a lot snow coming in from around the tailgate. I am not 100% sure.. I have only had the truck for a week and the tonneau has been on for two days is this a common...
  4. Rear seat cover for screw

    I need a rear seat cover for my lariat, I need to put a child seat in and protect the seat from the dog. Any recommendations?