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  1. 2021 F-150 EcoBoost Typical Issues?

    I have a fair few miles on my 21, only issues I have had (drive wise) is a catalytic converter replacement. I love it otherwise. Let's not get into the satnav, bt, or wifi issues..
  2. Mileage while pulling camper

    3.5 eco pulling a 3000lb teardrop.
  3. Factory Vinyl Wraps Program Announced For F-150

    Not going to be cheap and can you get it for only specific model years it seems.
  4. Sync 4 Bluetooth

    What I have found if you have two phones in your list the quickest one to connect to the sync 4 is the only one that works. Typically my wife's as well climb in. She has the iPhone , I have android.
  5. SYNC 4 needs bug fixes

    My issue is more wifi related with Android auto. It will randomly drop the android auto connection typically when I'm using it and I have to turn it off and back on, not only the wifi on my phone but the Bluetooth as well. It MAY connect again, 50% chance. It really is so frustrating and I...