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  1. Single Cab Raptor!

    Yes they started with a reg cab truck, then added OEM Raptor grille, fenders and bedsides. The bedsides they needed to modify since the single cab trucks have a 6.5’ bed compared to the stock Raptor 5.5’. Pretty freakin sweet if you ask me
  2. 2023 Carbonized Gray RCSB on 2" Bilstein lift and Tremor wheels/tires

    Love it! I almost went with Carb grey on my 24 RCSB order. They sure look good with a lift, planning on just leveling mine
  3. 2024 Order placed. The wait begins

    I placed an order for the same (RCSB 5.0 4x4) on November 8 and had a VIN the next day. Scheduled week of Jan 22
  4. Can High and Low wires

    I found these, not sure if that will help you or not.
  5. How To Ruin A Truck

    I think my 2 door Bronco has the same payload :LOL:
  6. 2024 F-150 Order Guide Released

    Which sucks. I was hoping to order a reg cab XLT 5.0 with FX4. They took away a whole bunch of options from the XL for 24 as well so you can’t even get it with FX4 or carpet flooring.