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  1. Vinyl Wrap: Skull on back fender?

    I saw someone had a skull on the the back fender and I think the hood was all done with Vinyl Wrap. I have searched but not able to find that thread again. Anyone remember it or has a link to it. Appreciate it, Thanks
  2. Ford Pass: No OTA update messages received since 2/20/21....

    I still really have no idea where I am on any OTA Updates.. The dealer service advisor couldn't tell me.. If you go to Ford Pass, Open up account located top right side.. Open up messages... My last message was received on 2/26/21 Not 2022, I have none this year. I called Ford Help prior to...
  3. What changes would you make to FordPass?

    If there were any changes to Ford Pass you would make, list them here. This is one of my changes I would make. It takes 4 clicks to get to Securilock to make a change or see if it's armed or not. Takes too much effort to arm and disarm.
  4. Attempted Ford Pass Hack

    I woke up to a message from Ford Pass this morning. There was an attempt to access permission to my Ford Pass account and control of my remote access features.. Has anyone else seen this happen?? Check your password and beware there are people attempting to gain access to your truck..
  5. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    I've now had this truck for 4 months. The very best average mileage I've gotten is 16.0- Miles a gallon. I mean that's the best.. That's highway doing the speed limit with cruise control set. For the most part I average around 14.5 MPG combined city and highway. Do I have a problem?? Trying to...
  6. F-150 Built in Phone Holder..

    Cell phone holder, built into your 2021 F-150.. Seems the best cell phone holder I've ever used is right there in your cab.. Doesn't matter what trim package you have.. As you see by the pic I've posted, you simply pull back the lid on the forward compartment.. There are 2 lips inside, set your...
  7. DFW area King Ranch

    How many 2021 F-150 Texas owners? Any Other DFW Owners??
  8. King Ranch O/2 sensor fails

    Only 795 miles on the truck and the O/2 sensor trips the engine light.. 2 days at the dealers and of course they don't have the part.. They tell me drive it till the part comes in that it won't cause damage.. From what I've always heard this isn't true, so it's parked until they call me back...