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  1. Remote Features Disabled Question

    As some have observed previously, Ford Pass remote features functionality is being impacted by a bad battery. In my case, I’ve been getting the message several times each month. Before I set a service appointment with the dealer is there a simple test that I can use to verify whether the battery...
  2. Adaptive Cruise Control Issue

    I periodically get an Adaptive Cruise Control Not Available message when starting up the truck. After a few seconds the message disappears. I have ACC activated in settings. The error message will also appear while driving and using ACC. In these instances, when the message pops up, cruise...
  3. Tire Pressure Discrepancy - Ford Pass

    Tire pressure as seen on Ford Pass, followed by what is shown on the truck screen. Any ideas on how to fix? Ford Pass Truck screen
  4. What is this navigation symbol?

    Saw this one for the first time. Any idea what it means? The symbol to the left of Redmond.
  5. Ford Hires Apple Executive for New Software Subscription Services Unit

    Saw this in the news. Hope this will lead to improved software functionality. No sense paying for something that does not work properly. Ford has hired away a key Apple executive to run a new business unit that will sell software-related subscription services to vehicle owners. The Dearborn...
  6. Question RE: Cup holders

    On my '22 PLAT I noticed that the lower console cup holder closest to the center armrest, has a hole at its bottom. The other cup holder does not. Anyone know why the hole is there?
  7. Question RE: Bilstein B8 Rear Shock

    Does anyone have insight about the Bilstein B8 5100 Series Rear Shock compared to the stock rear shock used on the EB 3.5 with FX4? Thanks.
  8. Running Board Modes Question

    I posted this on another board and thought someone here might have insight. I have the mode set to Out. Why does the running board mode switch to Auto mode every time when starting up? I don't understand Ford's logic with this feature. Why offer three modes if it switches to Auto every time? Is...