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  1. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    YES /thread
  2. Maybe buying tomorrow

    You going to buy a raptor r or just a raptor ? I love my truck but in no way does it replace my M3 … look at your needs amd make the right call for you
  3. Recommended Tire Pressure for Towing TT RV

    max pressure that the tire allows
  4. Premium or ethanol for towing?

    i would avoid e85 unless specifically tuned for it... You are towing at high elevation which does not require the same octane as at sea level. I towed my 7500 lbs trailer in the mtns and still run reg gas (87) and had zero issues. I might try and run premium next summer to see if there is...
  5. Pulled the trigger

    nice truck … I approve of the mirrors , is it max tow as well ?
  6. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    check out this thread https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/power-up-and-priority-ota-history-thread-f-150-lightning-mach-e.16968/ but you are fairly current.
  7. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    it is in the setting screen … I can’t remember the exact menu, but check the ota section there are threads on it
  8. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    What is is sync version? i had some issues with earlier versions and then when i got to the version 4.x.x it was good and now that i am on 6.2.0 i am starting to have issues again...
  9. Tracker showing delivered but dealer haven’t received

    My truck showed as delivered in the tracker, and it was not at the dealer … it showed up a couple days later …
  10. Hankook Dynapro AT2s disappointing in the snow.

    I agree , my dynapros, get changed at the first sign of snow and true winters go on … winters are the only answer below zero or freezing for our American friends
  11. Prep for winter, busy weekend

    Ski season opened in Alberta this weekend … i put the winters on two weeks ago …
  12. Why Do RAMs Have Those Short Back Doors?

    i just thought ram owners have no friends to put back so there doors dont need to be big...
  13. Mileage while pulling camper

    If it is windy out you gas mileage when towing goes in the tank …. Well out of the tank more accurately…
  14. SYNC 4 needs bug fixes

    What version of sync do you have? , early on i experienced some issues but lately it has been much better...
  15. New iPhone 15 Pro won’t work with CarPlay

    My iPhone 15 pro works just fine with the truck and CarPlay …. I was a on a 5 hour drive yesterday and my one complaint on the phone is it drops the call when switching from 5g to lte no issue with 4.2.4 or now 6,1
  16. Ford Power-Up 6.1.0

    Lol on send direct feedback to ford … anytime I would want to send feedback it would be rated R … I hate to be the employee that has to listen to it …
  17. Private Selling Inquiry..

    in general i would say no, but in a private sale if you find the buyer it might...
  18. 2021 F-150 EcoBoost Typical Issues?

    Having a huge smile on your face every time you drive it …