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  1. Worth installing distribution block in the rear, for all accessories?

    Is it worth installing a power distribution block to the rear, so that instead of running all your accessories to the battery up front, you could just tap into that block in the rear? Is that reasonable or not? I figured I'd ask, as I'm about to install a few devices and they each tell you to...
  2. Installing a bed/tonneau cover. Are seals/strips recommended?

    I'm getting ready to install a new Retrax bed cover this weekend or next, as time permits. I was curious if there's any recommendations when it comes to any sort of weatherstripping or seals that should be used when installing a bed cover, to help weatherproof it. I'd rather plan accordingly and...
  3. List of all the acronyms/abbreviations we all use here

    I was wondering is there's a list somewhere of all the acronyms/abbreviations that we see here on a regular basis. If not, I'd be happy to help maintain one an online spreadsheet. There's so many and I know most of the ones used in my field of work but I see lots here all the time, that I'm not...
  4. New Retrax EQ (powered) tonneau cover. Anyone have more info?

    Was curious to know if anyone had more info on this new cover. It apparent can be operated by remote, your phone or even your F-150 keyfob. Clearly the install is going to be a little more involved. The only info I found was this short clip from the 2022 SEMA:
  5. Center console lid question

    I have a '23 Platinum. When I open my center console storage and raise the lid all the way up, then let it go, it wants to just fall back down. Is it supposed to stay open or is it really designed so that you have to constantly hold it open? Seems rather dumb or mine is malfunctioning. I figured...
  6. FORscan: Browsing USB tracks while driving. Possible to remove the nag screen while moving?

    I saw there were some members here discussing this but something changed toward the end of the thread. Is it possible to remove the nag screen while the vehicle is in motion? I have 1000s of tracks on my USB and it's annoying when it locks me out like that or when I want to "Browse" and it says...
  7. 2024 F-150 Platinum: Are the multi contour massage seats coming back?

    I see that it's available and part of the standard equipment but does anyone know if they're going to be removed again? This is really annoying.