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  1. Work surface console won't stay open

    Kodiak, where do you get the organizer? Looks sweet.
  2. Remote Features Disabled Question

    PaulGrun, it's not willynilly when going through the gremlin diagnosis tree. I share your concern for the unintended consequence; these are complex machines with interrelated activities. For instance, disconnecting the negative on the 12V battery (in order to reset some function of the vehicle)...
  3. Remote Features Disabled Question

    At times I feel like the big red eye has occupied my truck. Waiting for the HAL 9000 v2.0. OTA update.
  4. Remote Features Disabled Question

    It was tested while connected to the truck. I subsequently did #3 BMS reset and will see what happens over the next several days. If I take the battery out is there anything I should be aware of when I reconnect the battery to the truck I.e. settings?
  5. Remote Features Disabled Question

    Any idea what a DIY replacement process is in regard to registration with the truck? Thanks.
  6. Remote Features Disabled Question

    Just visited our local Napa store and it shows 12.37v.. However, after their manager input the rest of the battery parameters, the device kept showing an unstable battery message. His conclusion was there’s something going on with the battery and it should be serviced by the dealer. They added...
  7. Remote Features Disabled Question

    As some have observed previously, Ford Pass remote features functionality is being impacted by a bad battery. In my case, I’ve been getting the message several times each month. Before I set a service appointment with the dealer is there a simple test that I can use to verify whether the battery...
  8. What the WiFi and Carplay ?

    On my truck the row of icons are always white on blue background. I've never seen the red WiFi. I see the WiFi icon with the exclamation (!) until it connects to a known network (home, for example), then the exclamation disappears. What are ECM and TCU and did you use Forscan to modify the icon...
  9. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    Today, my audio kept randomly switching from AM/FM to my iPhone (CarPlay was enabled via Bluetooth and using Apple Maps to navigate). I’d have to open Audio and press on AM to get it back to the station. Then at some point soon after it would switch back to iPhone. This occurred 5x within 6...
  10. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    It’s been a month since the installation so I don’t have more than initial impressions. I also changed out the Hankook OEM tires for Falken Wildpeaks which will factor into my impressions. The ride feels more planted with 100% of my driving on hard surface roads. I have not carried anything...
  11. What does everyone use inside the Bed.. under a bed cover.. to stop things from moving around

    This is one of the best, photo-documented threads in a long while. Well done. Others have posted photos of what I use: Bedrug Classic Bed Liner and AMP Research BedXTender HD Max. Before the Bedrug, I tried the WeatherTech Bedliner, but everything would slide around. The Bedrug is great for my...
  12. 800 miles to empty

    I have zero confidence in the accuracy of the DTE number. After filling the 36-gal tank and a mileage reset I usually see 545 miles DTE. I can run DTE to zero and the tank fill has never been more than 32 gals.
  13. Rear bilstein 5100's are great, should I do fronts too?

    Last June I had 5100's installed on the front by a local shop and I provided the shocks. Install and alignment (thrust angle alignment) inc tax was $613.20. A few weeks back I had the same shop install 5100's on the rear. Installation was $194.77.
  14. List of all the acronyms/abbreviations we all use here

    This in general usage over on Reddit.
  15. Factory Vinyl Wraps Program Announced For F-150

    I’ve seen quite a few Tesla’s driving around with aftermarket matte skins. Cool look.
  16. Heated steering wheel has a small cold spot, is this normal?

    I think the wheel replacement is what would happen. Less time and cost.
  17. Heated steering wheel has a small cold spot, is this normal?

    I checked the steering wheel and the seams warmed up. The top of the wheel seemed to get hotter then the other sections l.
  18. Heated steering wheel has a small cold spot, is this normal?

    The deletes on my truck were Auto Stop/Start (no loss), Multicontour seats, and Max Recline. I really wanted the seats but ended up with Lariat seats when Ford supply chain issues kicked in.