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  1. Power-Up 6.5.0 Installed

    Wow. I just got 6.2.0 on Nov 6th. Seems like I'll be waiting for a while to move up in versions.
  2. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    Mt '23 Platinum stays in 2H almost exclusively unless it's raining a lot. Then I switch it to "slippery" which also switches it to 4A.
  3. Don’t buy the 18 speakers sound system, 12 inch display is GARBAGE

    Down here we actually have quite a few HD stations that almost never play commercials.
  4. Don’t buy the 18 speakers sound system, 12 inch display is GARBAGE

    You might just have a bad unit, plain and simple. I actually sought out the B&O Unleashed (18 spkr) version because when I read through all the specs, I realized that version includes HD radio where the less expensive model does not. There's TONS of HD radio stations in my area and I listen to...
  5. Work surface console won't stay open

    Yep! 83k MSRP on mine and I asked the dealer to look at that since they were doing regular maintenance. He said they compared it to the others on the lot and they all fell so they said it was normal. I pulled that piece of trim off (under it), pulled the spring's legs up with needle nose pliers...
  6. Worth installing distribution block in the rear, for all accessories?

    For now: Tonneau cover (powered), tailgate light, bed lights.
  7. Worth installing distribution block in the rear, for all accessories?

    That's pretty much my thinking but wanted to know from others as well. I was searching to see what parts I should go with and was hoping that someone who has done this already would suggest a safe place to mount the block. This is my first F-150 and I would hate to mount this someplace where...
  8. Worth installing distribution block in the rear, for all accessories?

    Is it worth installing a power distribution block to the rear, so that instead of running all your accessories to the battery up front, you could just tap into that block in the rear? Is that reasonable or not? I figured I'd ask, as I'm about to install a few devices and they each tell you to...
  9. Maybe buying tomorrow

    Enjoy. I had a 2021 C8 HTC until 2 months ago, that I enjoyed driving but still felt like something was missing. Fortunately for us, the market meant that I lost nothing on the car and got more than what I paid for it 2 years ago. I do miss the looks & thrills at times but I'm also enjoying the...
  10. 800 miles to empty

    Is 4 gals out of the 36gal tank set aside for reserves? I took mine down to to the point where my DTE was 15 miles and it only took about 31.75 gals. Seems like quite a bit of reserve. Just curious if that's posted somewhere in the documentation.
  11. Installing a bed/tonneau cover. Are seals/strips recommended?

    Parkland/CS area and work in Boca. I feel ya. I'm already thinking of moving North. Not sure if I want to do North FL or somewhere in GA. I'll figure it out eventually but I'm definitely ready for a change of scenery.
  12. Installing a bed/tonneau cover. Are seals/strips recommended?

    Thanks for that. That seems to be the biggest area that people focus on, is the rear, at the tailgate itself. I'm order a couple of different strips to see which one helps seal it up best. In South FL, you get some crazy rain at times.
  13. full screen Waze

    Might be isolated to your phone. Mine has never done it and now that I have this truck, it works fine still. What phone do you have? Might want to look in forums for that phone. I have the Google Pixel 7. I've found that the Pixel phones are the best Androids and everything always works. Plus...
  14. Aux Lighting Options

    How are you all controlling the lights? I'm looking for options on Aux switches for my '23 Platinum, to control all the ideas I have for my truck. Haven't found anything that looks clean.
  15. Installed Roush exhaust on my 5.0 (added sound clip videos)

    Would love to make the 3.5L EB sound like that. :)
  16. Time to move the Beast again...

    AND that's why I ask questions instead of finding out the hard way. Thank you, @Jeff1024
  17. Time to move the Beast again...

    So what if the F-150 has the max tow package? If the truck is rated for 14k lbs, then it seems that 11k should not be an issue. I wouldn't want to haul that cross country but I'm assuming this is considerably shorter trip. I know I'm new to truck ownership, so what am I overlooking? I'm always...
  18. Installing a bed/tonneau cover. Are seals/strips recommended?

    I'm getting ready to install a new Retrax bed cover this weekend or next, as time permits. I was curious if there's any recommendations when it comes to any sort of weatherstripping or seals that should be used when installing a bed cover, to help weatherproof it. I'd rather plan accordingly and...
  19. Level with Bluecruise

    Would this be applicable if we just level the front by 2" and if so, could you be kind enough to point out where we adjust that in FORScan? Thank you!