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  1. Roush intake installed on 2023 PowerBoost Platinum

    Looks great.. I wanted to do it to my truck. One dealership told me it void my warranty. Another dealership says no it wouldn't. So I'm not sure which is true.
  2. '21 STX Agate Black - 4in Lift on 22x12

    No, I can't find anything that's compatible with all the built-in cameras..
  3. ford pass and secure alert

    I've used it from the start without any issues.. I love it.. One of my favorite features..
  4. email from ford pass about secure alert

    If someone breaks in you will get notified immediately.. Accidentally triggering by unlocking and get in is different.
  5. Agate Black Limited Powerboost

    It makes it much easier to keep clean.
  6. You be the judge: Window Tint Dirt or Window Defect?

    Would drive me nuts. It would need to go, whatever it is..
  7. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    I always leave the start/stop on.. Only works about half the time.
  8. B & O UNLEASHED, but what?

    I've never noticed mine defaulting from my settings. If it is I'll come back and post it. If no change, no update post.
  9. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    1FTFW1E55MFA41259 Could you please check mine.. It has started to get a few updates but I haven't been able to see what they were. Always says no info available.. Thanks.
  10. Going to dealership today to select some accessories - anything else?

    I would do most of that list aftermarket, you'll save a lot by not using dealer.
  11. Debating Ceramic Coating

    Post pics as you start the process. Fingers crossed..
  12. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    I just completed a 400+ Mile trip into South Texas. Lots of hills. Got just over 21 mpg. I'm happy with that..
  13. 4 Legged Photo Request - in Memoriam of Tank

    Well I've been through it 6 times so I know how hard it is.. I feel for you.. Yes, it's a great post.
  14. 4 Legged Photo Request - in Memoriam of Tank

    It's just so sad to lose a pet/companion... Hang in there and get another one to love and bring joy into your lives... You'll never replace Tank but it will help to mend the heart...
  15. 4 Legged Photo Request - in Memoriam of Tank

    I am so sorry for your loss, he was a family member.. This is Spunky and Levi, 3 yr old Maltese brothers.. They allow us to live with them and to take care of them.. There is a reason his name is Spunky. The runt and the largest of the litter and the last 2 of the litter. We couldn't separate...
  16. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Mine said same thing. Took to dealer today and the say mine is totally updated the last message May 3rd said Update 2.7.3 failed, haven't received anymore nessages since the 3rd of May. BC was working from last time it went to dealer and they updated it.. Seems it's all working as it should.
  17. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    It's a full 8 hr update.. If nothing goes wrong..
  18. Blue Cruise - Dealer Download PROBLEMS!!

    Not good... Might want to call Ford and ask them to find you a dealer that can do it for you..