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  1. Happy Memorial Day

    Thank you to all that serve and protect the United States. I hope we can all pause to remember our country's fallen heroes. Throughout our nation's history, service members have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Americans and our allies around the globe. Their service should never be forgotten.
  2. Finally got second gear issue fixed

    My truck was having issues with shifting into gears (Shifting Rough Felt like it was slipping) .Which I was asking how to clear my transmission tables . On a different thread anyway ford Motor company on this forum He said to send him the Vin number and he would check it on his end. So He...
  3. This morning start up shifting problems

    Hi all ....Today when I started up the truck 2022 f150 PowerBoost with 4000 miles . The Transmission for some reason was shifting harsh ? first to third harsh and third to fourth felt like it was slipping or jerking .Does anyone know what would cause something like that . is there anyway...